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Lucy sadly sighed: -It turned out that you and I are quite normal women, we just got into our husbands assholes.
We will learn a little bit, and everything will be formed.
Only one problem appeared, Shackle looks at Zhenka with hopelessly loving eyes.
He never looked at his bitch like that, and even more so.
I looked at Zhenya with loving eyes, she laughed and covered them with soft hot breasts.
– I agree to learn! – her wonderful voice sounded right through the body.
– I will be the training manual.
Zhenya will not be learning at all, but solid pornography.
I can not stand her screams, especially at night.
Someone promised not to fuck at night? – she reproachfully looked at Zhenya.
“Nature has taken its toll,” said Zhenya guiltily.
On this first day of increasing sexual qualifications is over.
We went to the Tretyakov Gallery, the Kremlin looked.
For the evening, the girls ordered pickled cane, ate my shish kebab for vodka again, and made a contract.
Under this contract, I slept at night only with Zhenya.
Lucy had the right to study with me at any time, except for the night.
On Saturday, I belonged only to Luce, on Sunday — only to Zhenya.
A special clause of the contract noted that Lucy has no right to suck me in the absence of Zhenya.
The forbidden fruit is sweet, Lucy often resorted to do it when Zhenya was closing in the bath.
Our days were absolutely monotonous.
The alarm clock rang.
“Go and wake Lyuska, love,” said sleepy Eugene.
I regretfully left her warm and soft body, went to another room and pressed against the warm and soft body of sleepy Lucy.
“My torturer came again,” she said, and for about ten minutes we were lightly caressed.
Then there were morning chores and a light breakfast.
The usual morning dress girls had panties or dressing gowns without panties.

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I once asked to do without them.
They explained to me that a bare ass sticks to a stool.
Then there was the morning sexual exercises, Lucy always did it.
“I don’t have enough female hormones in the morning,” Zhenya explained with regret.
From the first day, Lucy got absolutely everything she wanted.
Her theoretical knowledge appeared; she lacked practice.
She quickly learned to control her vagina, it could be wide or narrow at her will.
She could have some weak orgasms for me in a row or so strong that I started screaming with her.
At this point, Eugene usually resorted to admire us.
We tried several sexual positions, out of many dozens, which are described in books.
We didn’t have much fit, our height and weight were the same and pretty solid.
Every day I was amazed how this sexual miracle could throw a dick husband because of sexual unsuitability.
We were separated for the whole day, everyone’s groups were different, sometimes they dined together, but met after nine in the evening.
At first Zhenya studied sexual science.
Theoretically savvy Lucy on the first day of training immediately explained: – Women with narrow vagina do not need to be taught anything.
Everything happens by itself, nature suggests.
Zhenka was hurt with her first husband, it is necessary that this in no way happened to you.
“You think I’ll be her second husband?” – I first thought about this opportunity.
It was the second day of our acquaintance.
– The boy was dreaming? Zhenya got burned once, now she will have to be persuaded for a very long time, – Luce laughed and pressed her warm breasts, –

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I bought a cream that expands the vagina.
Only yesterday they managed without him, Zhenya screamed with pleasure very loudly twice.
It should be relieved only from psychological dependence.
Let’s do it like yesterday: you and I slap my booty, then the remaining unsatisfied Lyuska leaves, excited Zhenya pounce on you and nature takes its own.
And poor Lyuska will be killed till morning.
Everything happened almost exactly according to the Lucian Plan.
Zhenya pounced on me, we had a terrific orgasm.
But Zhenya, who had caught his breath, dragged Lucy in an abutment and forced us to end our interrupted sexual intercourse.
To my surprise, it worked! Lyusya, who caught her breath, called the restaurant and ordered steaks: “From meat, women who regularly have sex life don’t get fat!” I read it in the book.
And we are already engaged in the second day.
Sexual idyll lasted several weeks. School girls hidden cam sex.

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