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Irishka slightly spread her legs, raised her ass and panties flew to her knees.
Covering her treasure with her hand, she with her other hand freed herself from the last item of the toilet.
A member has long since sticking out the gum of swimming trunks and I was impatient to release it at will, but I myself didn’t want to do this and then heard: – And you yourself act honestly, sitting in swimming trunks and at least that, come on, take off soon, I want it look for a start.
The girl broke out and stopped her already there was no possibility, I realized that I would need angelic patience not to plant her when she wants it in a fit of passion.
But I decided to keep the promise given to her.
– Irisha, and you undress me myself, I did undress you.
The girl got up and then only saw my dick, has long been sticking out of the bottoms with an open shiny head from the grease.
Her eyes widened.
– What is it big.
She reached out to the penis and squeezed him tightly with one hand on the head, it hurt and I involuntarily removed her hands.
– Irisha, the head is a very tender place, you can not touch it with your hands.
– And what can? – I’ll tell you later, come on, undress me. Online sex video chat without registration.

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