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When we came to the nightclub, I remembered the romantic period of relations with Svetka, trips to discos, rock concerts.
Slow dances I danced in turns with Eley and Sveta.
When I danced with Svetka, forgotten feelings and desires woke from touching her body, bringing me back six or seven years ago.
Returning home, we got a bottle of “Martini” from the bar and decided to continue the banquet.
When the booze was over, the girls sent me for a refill.
At the beginning of the second night, no shop nearby was already working.
Even though I was an underdog, I got into the car and went to look for a working night shop.
After about twenty minutes of searching, I finally succeeded.
I purchased the desired half liter “Martini”, tetrapack of pineapple juice and drove home.
Coming to the door of our apartment, I heard strange sounds.
similar to erotic moans.
Opening the door with my key, I went into the bedroom and saw a picture, from which my jaw dropped.

Elina was lying on her back and moaning loudly, Svetka lay down on my wife and fucked her pussy with a strap-on.
She herself was excited no less than Ale.
I crept up to two pairs of legs sticking out from under the sheet and began to lick Elina’s legs with small rough yellowish heels and Svetkina, with plump grayish-red buns under her fingers.
Both of them knew about my weakness and began to help me, pawing their legs in the mouth.
The girls brought me what I did: they tore off my clothes and dragged me to bed.

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Light began to carefully suck my dick, she was joined by Elya.
Two clouds of wavy hair — golden and black — covered my lower abdomen.
When I caught up with the girls on excitement, Elina again lay on her back and made me a sign to go to the top.
The member himself found Elkin a wet hole.
Svetka fell in behind, at first she worked out my ass with her fingers, and then put a strapon there, which had not yet dried out from Eline juices.
At first it was painful, then the pain turned into pleasure, the end swelled so much that it barely moved inside the narrow pussy of my habibi.
I was lying on my stomach between two female bodies, on one side clamped in a vice, on the other – impaled on a stake.
Elina kissed me passionately, and Sveta put her hands under her breasts and crumpled my nipples.
From all this I really wanted to finish.
With great difficulty, having held out for a little more than three minutes, I simultaneously poured out into Elina and experienced anal orgasm, Elina finished with me.
Sveta has long been waiting for her turn.
She removed the strapon, threw it on the floor and took Elina’s place.
We were so good together! Do you remember how cool you were with me? I am yours again, I was waiting for this! Come to me, kitten, take your girl! I looked inquiringly at Elina, who nodded her head approvingly.
I lay down on Svetka, immediately planted in her penis to capacity.
Such a familiar soft and at the same time elastic pussy, Svetkina kisses with a taste of coconut (for which he once affectionately called her Bounty) – all as four years ago.
Elina perched between our legs and kissed the base of my dick, the egg, Svetka sponge.
I missed you so much, your body, your big cock.
I still love you, ”moaned Sveta, rolling her eyes in pleasure.
Excitement rolled harder and harder.
It was harder and harder to tolerate a hard plateau, the head of the penis was itching and pricking with thousands of needles, ready to break through at any second with a stream of sperm.
Pleasant heat poured from the lower abdomen all over the body.
Finally I splattered

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