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I remember, you were not so shy in our last meeting, – Andrey reported about his observation.
When it was.
– She replied and a slight smile came to her lips.
Relax, docha, we came to rest, and you shrank all over, as if you were being executed.
Mom, – girl’s cheeks flared with constraint.
The young man smiled and led them deep into the forest.
They quickly reached the narrow strip of red sand on the bank of the river, which was proudly called the local beach.
Finally, – Andrew didn’t keep his joy about this, and dropping his shorts with a T-shirt, he rushed to the river.
He flew into the water, sweeping around a fountain of splashes, and dived deep, enjoying the pleasant coolness of the fast river.
The guy went under the water for a long time and emerged closer to the middle of the river.
Lord, don’t scare me like that! – the far

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voice of my aunt came to him, – my heart went out of my heels.
The young man grinned and swam back.
Andryushenka, – again called out his voice with an obvious one.
malice – turn away, please, we are without swimsuits.
Sorry, – the guy answered and dived, giving the ladies the opportunity to enter the water.
When he re-emerged, the aunt was already bathed not far from the shore where her daughter was located.
Well, what are you sitting there? Climb up to us, she admonished, the water is beautiful.

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The young man swam closer and also began to persuade Christina, but his participation in this process decided the outcome of the whole enterprise not in favor of the bathers.
The girl flatly refused to get into the water, responding to all the arguments with just one phrase.
My swimsuit is deep in my bag, and without it I will not climb into the water.
After some time, the nephew left her aunt to swim alone and got out of the water.
He went to his clothes and wanted to fasten it on a wet body.
Hold on, ”Christine said quietly, and held out a wide towel to him, trying with all her strength not to look at him.
Her face was a little red.
Thank you, – the young man looked at his shy cousin with surprise.
He recalled that she was a couple of years younger than him, but in any case had already reached the age of majority, and at this age almost all modern girls already lose all sense of shame.
In any case, the half-naked body does not exactly drive them into the paint, and he was not Apollo, so that the girls would grin from one of his looks.
Andrei decided that he would find out the reasons for her constraint later, and began to wipe himself.
Andrew, do not turn around, please, – said Aunt Asya and got out of the water.
Christina went to the bag after another towel, and the young man, unable to restrain herself, glanced at the girl.
In his field of view also got her mother.
Unlike her daughter, she, without any embarrassment, pulled off her wet clothes and now rubbed her naked body with a large terry towel, not worrying at all that all this was happening on a public beach.
Her wide hips could hardly be called the hips of a forty year old woman.
Elastic and round, they were covered with smooth skin without a trace of cellulite.
The same youthfully attractive was big breasts with wide dark nipple halos. Livejasmin chaturbate.

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