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Anastasia groaned and she lowered herself lower, from which the penis entered even deeper – by a third.
This slow connection caused, on a par with the new outbreak of lust, and severe pain, such a large member in Nastya’s womb had not yet existed, and now he entered, pushing apart, on the verge of breaking the vaginal tissues, causing pain comparable to the pain of stretching tendons.
It-kai again made the incoming movement, this time more sharp, the member entered to the middle of the length, but accompanied by a flash of acute pain, Nastya threw up, away! trying to disconnect with a huge penis, escape from pain.
The male twitched after him, and the member, almost coming out of the vagina, connecting with it only by the head, re-entered to a third of the length, giving rise to a new wave of pain and lustful pleasure.
Nastya groaned again, and again rising, so that the member came out of it.
Slowly and smoothly reintroduced the penis into the vagina.
It-kai stood motionless, hands caressing the hips, crossed the buttocks, crushed and massaged them, until the kiun

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stood still with its whole body, looking at the skies.
Only heavy breathing escaped from the open beak.
Nastya even more slowly introduced his penis to the middle, overcoming dull pain, mixing with the waves of the coming orgasm.
A member of the animal has shrunk, jerked in the belly and the monster seed.
Nastya again sharply lifted, cutting the head of the penis remained in the womb, filling it with sperm, at this moment, a little late for It-kay and caught the orgasm and Nastya.

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So they froze, almost severed, and the dick continued to shrink, spewing more sperm, which has already begun to flow down the shaft of the penis.
The numbing wave of orgasm has covered both, the world for them is concentrated only in their genitals.
Finally, when he let go a little, the partner made the incoming movement, having bent over the bridge, and again introduced the member to the middle, which came in on the lubricant from the semen much lighter, the pain that broke out in Nasty’s womb was a little weaker than before, and she gladly gave herself to the rhythm of copulation.

Her vagina ached and ached.
Disconnected finally with Kiun, Nastya lay next.
The member, shining with sperm, smearing him to the middle, twitched with arousal before Anastasia’s eyes.
Saliva spit in her mouth, not holding back anymore, the young girl covered the head of the penis with her lips and immediately collected and swallowed the seed of the beast.
He succumbed up the pelvis, continuing to make the incoming movement.
Cock went into the mouth even deeper.
Continuing to suck the sperm from a huge dick, Nastya, clasping the base of the trunk of the penis, began to stroke it and muster.
Sucking on sperm, Nastya began to kiss and lick a member, until he erupted a second time, dark gray and very thick seed.
From the head flowed, and Nastya began eagerly to pick up heavy drops of sperm with her tongue and lips, rolling in her mouth, she relished their salty-oily taste and smell.
Making sure the male was relaxed and that there was no more seed, Anastasia raised herself and crawled closer to the head of It.
He asked: “Did you like it?” Nastya kissed his nipple and answered in the affirmative.
Having picked up an orange rag with the tip of his wing, the kyun somehow covered the mistress, and together with her he wrapped himself in his wings.
So, sleeping in their arms, they met the dawn.
Part Five
The sun’s rays gently warmed the bare shoulders of Anastasia. Live nude girls dvd.

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