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A small tummy gave her body a resemblance to the erotic models of the fifties, and a neat strip of pubic hair indicated that the woman was not at all lonely and watched herself.
Although, to tell the truth, Andrew, with all her desire, could not have presented her as lonely, because a woman even seemed to him to be beautiful, despite the fact that she was almost twice his age.
The young man suddenly felt ashamed that he was looking at his naked relative, and he looked down, but instead of regret he was horrified.
His cock stuck out in full combat readiness, sticking out the matter melting.
“Your mother,” he whispered to himself, and hastily wrapped a towel around his belt to hide the incident, “Aunt Asya, I need to take clothes,” he said, and when he was allowed to turn around, he picked up his shorts from the sand. and T-shirt.
His gaze involuntarily slipped on her aunt wrapped in a towel and stood for a second on her legs, sticking out from under a short cloth that barely enough to cover her body from chest to pubis.
He caught Aunt Asya’s smug smile and ran off into the bushes in dismay to change clothes.
“Damn it! What a fool I am, ”he cursed himself,“ she saw everything, she perfectly understood that I was looking at her! What’s next? ”The guy quickly pulled off the wet swimming trunks and stared at his standing member, who absolutely did not want to fall off.

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“What to do?” Like almost any man, he sometimes masturbated, but he didn’t want to do it in the bushes

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near the beach, especially considering that there were guests waiting two steps from these bushes.
The young man barely pulled on the tight shorts and sighed heavily, seeing that they would betray him with giblets, as soon as he caught the eye of her relatives.
Somehow, having covered himself with a towel, he was going to leave the bushes, and looked towards his aunt and daughter.
“Did she decide to finish me off?” The aunt was looking for something in her bag, leaning toward her in a manner peculiar to almost all women, that is, not squatting, like a man would have done, but bent at the waist.
Naturally, a short towel was absolutely not enough to cover her delicious ass, which, by the way, she turned to the bushes where the young man was.
“My God!” Andrei froze, not knowing how to act in such a situation.
On the one hand, in front of him was his aunt Asya, who accounted for his mother’s younger sister, on the other hand a beautiful woman in the juice, in such a seductive pose that hormones overwhelmed the guy’s body.
To his happiness, the young man’s mind broke through the veil of temptation and reminded him of his daughter, who was right there.
Christine stood at the very edge of the water and could not see him, as she watched the light waves raised by a pleasant warm breeze.
Her hands rested folded on her chest, and the boy was surprised to find how high her elbows were raised.
Given the weight of the hands, which undoubtedly strongly crushed the young flesh of the girl, she had a real treasure.
“Size five!” Andrew thought delightedly.
His body began to tremble, unable to hide his excitement and the guy once again looked at the aunt’s ass. Live lesbian action.

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