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Seeing in the distance the wall of the forest, I decided to go there.
There were no signs of human habitation around, although the strip of the beach was strewn with some wooden fragments, obviously of artificial origin.
Painfully the correct form they had.
After examining herself, I found my piercing and tattoo in the same places where I had come to death from which I concluded that not only I, but also my body had fallen into another world.
It started to rain.
After the sea water was cold, and when it poured, as if from a bucket, it became completely unbearable.
And the girl hurried to the edge of the forest, there at least it was possible to hide from the rain.
While getting to the forest, Nastya split her legs several times, so much so that she even fell on the sand.
Reaching the trees, she quickly hid under some pine tree, but with old needles.
Here was the scent of mosses and roses.
She was pleasantly surprised.
Having been afraid to go deep into the forest, Nastya went at random, along the edge to the right.
It didn’t matter where to go.
A strong wind blew.
To expel the cold from the stiff muscles, Nastya ran, but quickly exhaled, but warmed up a little.
While breathing was restored, it got dark so much that the dead one stopped seeing beyond three meters.
Glancing toward the sea, she was struck by huge waves storming the coast with a noise comparable to the thunder of thunder.
Lightning flashed more often.
Nastya was already pounding a strong shiver.

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“So you can catch pneumonia.
I need shelter. ”Stopping, looked around and saw gleams of fire.
Without delay, Nastya quickly went there, she was obsalyutno care about who was there, and how he would react to a naked girl.
For her, there was only a fire, near which you can dry out and warm up.

She broke through the bushes, instead of just going around them.
Finally, Nastya broke through the bushes with sharp branches, and went out into the clearing in the middle of which a fire was burning.
From the fire, towards, rose creature.
Yes, exactly, “being”! It was human-like, a kind of cross between a wolf (or a shepherd dog?) And a man.

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Lean, taller than Nastya on the head, covered with short black fur.
From the knees, legs pure doggy, bushy tail, like a shepherd.
Almost not dressed, only in a piece of cloth wrapped around the loins.
The hands, from the wrist to the elbow, are bandaged with the same gray cloth.
The forearms of both hands, in the area of ​​the biceps, are decorated with beaded baubles with feathers.
A ringlet is inserted into the left nipple, a chain with an amulet is hanging on the neck.
although not.
In animals, the muzzle, so this muzzle.
Or a wolf? In general, instead of his head, he has an elongated muzzle of an animal resembling a shepherd, pointed ears.
And eyes.
His eyes are something beautiful.
Amber-yellow, in them so much intelligence and concentration splashes that is breathtaking.
And he has a terrific look.
Almost blinking, piercing like retgenn beams.
Sexy look.
Nastya wanted to take off her panties under this look, but she was already completely naked.
There was a dumb scene in the style of “auditor”.
Nastya did not move, amazed at such an incredible spectacle.
After some time, he came to himself and spoke.
It was strange, he just spoke in another language, barking-roaring, but, nevertheless, the girl understood him, as if someone whispered a translation: Where are you from? What happened to you? – he led his paws in front of him, delineating her figure, – Why no clothes? People are freezing without artificial fur. Live jasmine free cams.

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