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The peasants were 35-38 years old, generally very experienced traharis, but far from old.
Such people will fuck so much – I thought to myself, looking at them, that later I wouldn’t be able to fuck my girls until the abortion itself, and then after all, it would be impossible for another couple of weeks.
In general, I anticipated the gorgeous fucking of my pregnant whores.
And my expectations were fully met.
The men, who introduced themselves as Andrei and Alex, fucked Olka and Nadya in full.
Each of them finished her once in the mouth, in the pussy and in the ass.
I also threw a couple of sticks, but I was far from the men.
Then I thought that perhaps they had taken some stimulants before sex, because they fucked without interruption for an hour and a half as angry as hungry soldiers after the army.
And so after an hour and a half I realized that it was time to finish and politely, but persistently sent the men home by taxi.
They really didn’t forget about the girls either, and Olka could finish under them three times, and Nadka – two whole, which happened to her quite rarely, she used to do it all at once, after which her clitoris sharply lost sensitivity, which is typical of most women.
What else was interesting this evening, what details do I recall? First, the men asked my women to make high-quality cleansing enemas and lubricate the ass inside with a special gel before our meeting.
They explained this by saying that in the assholes they are men, that women are fucked sometimes before losing their pulse, and if the ass is not clean enough, then usually their partners are clucking during or immediately after sex, because their anuses stretch and cannot contract right away and keep fecal mass, like they said.
I didn’t answer them anything, but the girls and I remembered the

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summer experience in nature, when I inadvertently plunged into: you know that you laughed.
In short, the first time I helped my girlfriends do an enema.
At first they objected that this was a very delicate moment and they would manage on their own, but I insisted.

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My friends were cursed with an ordinary shower.
I removed the nebulizer from him, gave a very small head of warm water, Olka (she was cursed first), got up on my hands and knees in my huge bath, slightly stretched and relaxed my gorgeous ass, I gently smeared the gel first with her slightly opened anus, then the hose from the shower and slowly slipped it in the ass girl.
Olka gasped softly as the water began to fill her intestines.
About a minute the water filled it from the inside, then Olka said that it was enough, I took the hose out of it.
Olka, groaning, got out of the bath and hurried to help the toilet.
– Now I will give a shit, mommies – she said.
Olka quickly sat down on the toilet and began to defecate loudly.
At first, a powerful jet of water struck from her gorgeous asshole, then softened feces began to go out in portions mixed with water and gases.
Olka groaned, pushing more and more new portions out of herself, commenting on this process cheerfully.
The room was filled with a strong smell of shit.
“Well, everything seems to have pissed off,” she finished the process of cleansing the intestines.
Olka washed her sexy ass, but that was not all, and forced the girl to repeat the procedure two more times.
For the third time, the water from Olechka came out already clean, it was washed out again and after that I gently smeared her ass inside with a small amount of gel.
“Very pleasant sensations,” said Olka, “such lightness inside, it will be necessary to repeat it somehow.”
– Be sure to repeat, my dear – I replied to her.
– By the way, I was very excited and teased – Olka continued to share her sensations from the enema and began to stroke her fluffy lips on the lower abdomen.
– Do not rub the clitoris ahead of time – I advised her – your pussy and ass today have a lot of work to do.
– I already want and completely ready – said the girl.
Next, I enema Nadia.
The process was also smooth, as in the case of Olga.
After a bowel movement, I smeared Nadi’s ass with gel for anal sex.
“I used to almost make such enemas before anal sex,” Nadya shared her experience when we finished — it’s only with you that I fuck you in the dirty ass, and before that I always washed her inside.
And I always liked this process.
I was excited before sex and tuned in the right way so to speak.
In the clean ass I used to really like to fuck, and now I got used to dirty.
– Well, you’re just an anal harpist – Olka joked at her friend.
– What? What other harpist? – Asked Nadia, wearing sexy my favorite translucent lingerie, through which the hairy crotch was clearly visible.
– Yes, there is such a porn story – Olka answered her – about one depraved girl who took care of her virginity and gave everyone an asshole.
– No, only in the ass to give – this is a perversion – Nadya was outraged – anal I always liked, but just for a change and to make the guy a pleasant one. Lesbian video online watch.

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