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Well, do not, forgive my sister! “” Be sure, for my mother’s arrival! And all week you’ll be my slave.
Clear? And you will call me “lord.”
A week later, again, his brother, or Vitey, but so that he would not once get nasty with his mom and dad and listen to them.
AND ME! So, prepare your ass.
“Alla twitched.
You must tell me that you agree.
“I agree!” – Not this way.
Say: “I agree, sir, do with me what you want and cause any pain.
“Victor smiled.
“And repeat, ANY PAIN.
You said wrong, and you will be punished.
He turned her back, because the ropes were not tied tightly.
He grabbed her nipple.
And presilno pulled.
Alla screamed, but did not try to get out of the ropes.
“Silence!” – ordered Victor.
Alla obediently fell silent.
He twisted the nipple with one hand and the other with his right hand.
Lenka dug her nails into the sofa, closed her eyes and tears flowed from her eyes.
But she did not utter a word.
“Here, smarty.
“Victor dug his nails in the nipples and pulled to him.
Alla, because the ropes were not allowed to go on, and Vitya was still pulling them towards himself, and began to squirm.
Victor let go.
Alla crylessly.
Can I say? “” Speak, slave.
“” Sir, I have never caused you SUCH pain.
“” You deserve a week of terrible pain, for all those mom’s tears, my slaps, and stabbing words addressed to dad.
And you GET a week of intense pain.
You will become like silk, and if not, we will continue this, but not here, because there will be parents here, and in Alik’s apartment, my friend, he will help me.

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Do you understand? “” Yes, sir.
“Victor turned it on his stomach again, pulled out a leather belt, after announcing the conversation and showing how it works, on the couch.
There was a terrible “cool! Good!” The sofa was all patient.
“And now we begin the lesson.
Do not forget to count after each hurray and thank at the end.
And no sound, remember? UNDERSTOOD ?! ”Alla nodded.
a creepy whistle whistled in the room.
Alla shrank, crying.
She tried to grab the ass, but the ropes did not call.
She writhed in pain.
Of course, a terrible pain with a thick, officer belt on a never-broken ass.
She ass appeared pink-red trail.
Heard not intelligible “times.
“Another twenty blows had to endure the ass.
She was all in tears.
The priest was red, surely she was burning.
because as soon as Vitya untied her sister, she grabbed her ass and began to grope.
But Alka did not forget to thank.
“Thank you, sir! I will be an obedient slave and ask for another million times to repeat the lesson, I deserve punishment!” Victor smiled and hard patted her cheek.
“Do you want to eat?” “Highly.

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“” Until tomorrow you wait.
You are punished.
All night you will be near the door, I will tie you on a leash.
When I come in the morning for you, you MUST already be on your knees, with your hands behind your back.
“Can I ask a question, sir?” “Yes, my joy.
“” But I do not know when you wake up! “” So stand all night, slave.
If I see you sleeping, punishment awaits you.
Very, very painful.
“I want to write.
“” Be patient all night.
You push a strong physical pain waiting for you.
Remember, for every fault, and if it seems to me that you are very guilty.
However, I say nothing.
Learn more.
You have to try IT several times.
A flogging officer belt every day, 20 raz- prophylaxis.
You will eat twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, when I let you.
Water, and only her, you will drink this week.
I will give it to you as you like, but! You can write, if I want you to write, and crap, however, too.
So don’t drink a lot of water.
If you want a day you will endure, but I’m not so cruel. Korean sex live stream.

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