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“To save, to save a girl,” he muttered, without getting into his trouser leg, “this is all a hostel, a bloody hostel.
Hurry, hurry ”, – and jumped out of the apartment.
Upon reaching the station, where it was necessary to go to the hostel, Victor Evgenich for some reason did not come out, but drove on.
At the end, he fell out like a plague on the platform, sat on a bench, missed three trains, then crawled into the fourth and dragged home, again passing the same station.
At home, he ran to the bed, collapsed on it without undressing, and immediately fell asleep.

Victor Evgenich could not say anything to her.
She saw a change in him, was anxious, looked into his eyes, asked – “did something happen, Victor Evgenich?” – but he shook his head.
So there were three lessons.
Karina behaved insidiously, like a child who does not know why they are angry with him.
In the end, she decided that he was unhappy with her zeal, and began to exceed all training norms.
Some kind of vindictiveness appeared in her habit – “well, are you satisfied with me now?” – and ashamed Victor Evgenich awkwardly praised her, hiding his eyes.

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His dick was covered with bruises, and the jagged disk stopped reading, and he barely grabbed it with a screw.
Furious jerking to the cries of the ending Karina became Viktor Evgenich’s daily ritual – until he realized that it was no longer possible.
“I can’t tell her,” he thought, “but I can tell the canvas.”
Having chosen the most spectacular frame — Karina is alone, without ebirae, against the background of scarlet drapery, with a backlight that illuminates the head of hair with a golden halo — he plunged into work.
Having made several etudes, he felt that FOUND (an inexplicable feeling, familiar to all artists) – and began to bring another sketch “to the standard.”
The work went quickly, but he still could not decide to put an end, and only two weeks later he said to himself – “enough, or you will spoil it”.
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