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The second is a direct call to my mobile phone.
The third is the office telephone.
The rest of the numbers score on your own.
We have to contact every day.
And only with me.
Once a week we will meet with you.
Or here in the office or in the city.
Depending on the situation.
“Wonder, somehow,” remarked, grinning Alex, “I feel like an agent of some intelligence.”
– So it is, son, you are my resident! Well, let’s drink to the road for nothing ?! To be continued.

Caroline gradually came to her senses.
The first desire was to beat Klaus into a resounding slap in the face, but in this situation such an act would look, to put it mildly, stupid.
Still not opening her eyes, she tried to gather her thoughts and decide what to do next.
Now the girl was free, Klaus achieved what he wanted, so maybe she could leave.
But what about clothes? Her underwear in thin shreds was lying somewhere in the far corner of the room, a dress two and a half lying on both sides of the girl.
Klaus continued to look at her slowly: long, slender legs, smoothly turning into chiseled hips, flat stomach with an attractive navel hollow, tender, elastic breasts with still swollen nipples. Jasmin live cam sex.

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