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In my opinion, the entire quarter-meter, ribbed surface, about five centimeters in diameter.
My anus shrank in panic, and I felt a strong prick of pleasant pain when Dima tore up this obstacle.
For some time, the brunette left us, went to the bathroom to prepare her toy.
When she returned, Dima and Sasha were blown away by me as he was blown away — he began to open her ass, but she sprawled helplessly on the bed, sticking out her ass to meet his penis.
Eugene is carnivorous staring at me, smearing the grease on the strap-on.
She forced me to lie on her back and put her legs on her shoulders.
Without any ceremony, she sent her fool into me and began to press without much thought, trying to force her into me.
A woman without brakes, such a free will – the intestines will be pierced.
But, looking at her mouth ajar in a predatory grin, I immediately lost all desire to resist and began to sit myself on her toy.
Zhenya took pity and stuck him in me hardly by half.
She moved much slower than Dima, and I could at least feel the movements of this substitute in myself, instead of the pain from her friend’s jackhammer.
Every time when I turned away to see how things were going for the other couple, she forced the strapon deeply into me, eventually she just spat in the face.
I was too excited to resent her behavior, so I just stared at her cold eyes, stroking her hands.
This execution lasted for quite a long time, Dima interrupted her with a message that he was ending.
Zhenya told him to get out of Sasha’s ass and put it on my face.
He did so, approached us, sat on my chest and sent a member to my face, nadrachivaya it.
With a rather strange feeling, I waited for a viscous jet to fly out of my head and strike me, slightly opening my mouth.

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From the shoulder of Dima, it seemed that Zhenya was pleased with the face, Sasha was also watching the show with might and main.
Finally, at first a couple of drops fell on my chest, showing the beginning of an orgasm.
The first jet went from nose to forehead, the second hit me right in the mouth, and Dima did not seem to think about stopping, filling my face with his sperm.
Having finished finally, he put in my mouth a couple of times, so that I could collect the remaining sperm and leave.
Sasha licked the seed off my tongue and shared her a kiss, first with Zhenya, then with me.
I thought that this presentation would end, but Dima just began to lick Sasha’s hole, it looks like

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they were going to light up for a long time.
The second girl continued to fuck me in the ass.
After a while she took my dick in her hands and began to masturbate him.
She did it very fiercely, and I could not help myself from her caresses.
Sasha put her face, closing me from falling, but Dima was out of work.
Zhenya made a few more movements with her pelvis before I finished.
Sasha’s head jerked a little, it seemed that I had fallen directly into her, the following jets hit me on my stomach.
While I was finishing, Zhenya continued to fuck me, but she was not going to stop with a mind.
But when the last drop of sperm fell, she took the strapon out of me.
Together with Sasha, they began to collect a rather large puddle of sperm on my stomach.
The girls did it with undisguised pleasure, constantly kissing, passing fluid from one mouth to another.
Having played enough, Zhenya went to wash the strap-on, Sasha lay on her back and stretched one leg to me, another – Dima, offering to caress her.
She followed first one after another, while we diligently licked her feet.
My desire, of course, was to go to rest, but I wanted to stay with these guys longer.
I ran my tongue on the fingers, sucking them, then with the tongue all over the foot, kissed the heel, sometimes nibbling Sasha’s legs.
Zhenya did not take long to appear and soon appeared in the doorway, with the toy already on.
She pushed us apart and inserted it into Sasha’s pussy.
With her she did not stand on ceremony, as with me, drove as deeply as possible.
Sasha’s legs were twitching from her movements, and it was the last thing to continue to caress, unless, of course, you want to knock out your teeth.
Dima began to play the language with Sasha, but I joined up with Zhenya from behind, entering the beat with her movements. Homemade webcam sex.

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