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Why did I not think of starting to harass you right in the shower with a hose? Or guess? Still, do not turn off the head at such moments.
Otherwise, then there will be nothing to remember.
With these thoughts, I fell asleep.
In the morning, the alarm clock built into the same phone told me that it was enough to have a nap and it was time to get up for work.
After washing, shaving and putting the kettle on the stove, I picked up the phone, remembering the message.
At first, I thought I was still sleeping.
The SMS was short, but it contained all the experiences of the past day: “I come in two weeks.
Meet, kiss.
“While I was trying to understand whether I was sleeping or not, the kettle tried to fly away or at least.
would run away.
I looked at him, as if asking: “What do you want?” Still turning it off, I went back to the room, got dressed and went to the electric train.
Two weeks.
How long to wait! But time always stretches when you wait, and a bullet flies when you wait.
The answer came surprisingly quickly.
As if you were awake and waiting for my answer.
“I am going to relatives for two weeks.
I’m all yours alone! Kiss! ”God! Fuck work, fuck everything! It is more pleasant and better to spend a week with you! Almost on the wings flew to work, steal a sheet of paper from the printer and wrote an application for leave.

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Then, remembering that I do not know the date of arrival, and which of the two weeks you will be with me.
You answered almost an hour later.
But it was full, with exact dates, arrival time, train number and

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, most importantly, my first week.
MY!!! Yes, and a couple of days at the end of the second can go to me.
Having entered the numbers in the application, I proudly carried him to the office of the chief for signature.
But this is where the problems started.
The chief scientifically-popular explained to me that I would go on vacation if I had time to hand over the communications and Internet site of the same organization with the wild name “SVYAZNADZOR”.
What kind of supervision there was, I was ready to pass it at least to “Night”, along with the “Day” and “Twilight” patrols, and not at the same time in two weeks, but right now! When I returned, the first thing I did first was to call the travel agency and booked a room for a week in one of the Moscow region boarding houses.
The company was my client and was not supposed to cheat.
Having agreed that I would buy a voucher 3–4 days before the deadline, or refuse, I was satisfied to call the inspector in charge of us.
Only hooters answered the half day calls.
And only at the end of the day, when I probably dialed this number for the hundredth time, remembering it for the rest of my life, with the words: “Where is this beast rummaging?”, He heard his voice. Hidden camera sex clips indian.

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