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Lie, sunbathe.
Vika is sleeping.
Seryoga for the first time has no erection.
It disappoints me.
I am settled on a towel.
I lie.
On the one hand Seryoga, on the other – Mishka.
Then we swim.
Seryoga, it seems, a little “sticks” to me.
Again we lie.
I am waiting for Dimona, I think, whether to tell him the epic of this morning.
Then I begin to nap.
Going to the tent.
Seems to fall asleep.
But very hot – sweat pours eyes.
But this is not what I woke up to.
Seryoga strokes my legs, now in full combat readiness.
We say something to each other.
But words are not important.
– Seregin’s hands moved from my legs to where the legs are joined.
I feel awkward, I remember that for sure.
I think that someone can look at the tent at any moment.
Vika, for example! And my body is already reacting to caresses – I am spreading my legs wider so that it would be more convenient for male hands to touch my folds.
And I look at Seryoga, and he, sometimes tears his eyes off my little hole, to look into my eyes.
I like that he looks at my riches so carefully.
I flow
But I do not want to force things.
Although, I already know for sure that I will not leave the tent until Seryoga fucks me.
So I decided.
I like everything he does, I like the way his fingers penetrate into me, into the very depths, like touching my button softly, almost imperceptibly, quickly and roughly.
How, moistened with my juices, fingers suddenly go down to the ass and almost penetrate it.
At some point, I notice that I am lying, leaning on the shoulder blades and toes, moving my hips towards these insolent but skillful toes.
Without the slightest shame.
What a shame there! – I think that now

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one of the men can watch us.
And even masturbate with it! Seregin’s finger suddenly enters my ass and I finish.

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– Finally! While I twitch in an orgasm, Seryoga with one hand supports the weight of my hips, continuing to push the fingers of the second hand into my vagina.
I am writing this now and worrying all over again.
I will say even more – I have one hand occupied with a completely different, equally useful thing.
So: I have not yet come to my senses, as I found myself wearing a member wearing Seregin.
He entered, I must say, like clockwork.
Which is not surprising, because as a result, a lot has flowed from me.
But I, nevertheless, felt every millimeter, gently crawling into my sexual organ.
Then Seryoga froze for a while, – for which I was very grateful to him.
I wanted to fix in my memory all these crazy feelings.
The third fant – Gentlemen, gentlemen, do not get distracted, do not get carried away, the third fant is next in line.
The third fant is this: this: This, I suppose, is Arnold.
Arnold, are you ready? Arnold was more than ready.
His rather short but fat manhood stood firmly, forming a strictly parallel line with the floor.
So without fastening his trousers, he went up to Ivan and, without further ado, he brought another piece of paper into the light of day.
“And you, Arnold,” he said, having studied the contents of the note, “you will have to find your wife.”
To do this, we will tie up your eyes and prohibit the use of hands.
At your disposal is only a member.
Let him look for you.
The most familiar way for him, of course.
Ladies, I hope for your prudence and patience! The ladies moved animatedly.
One Tamara, who finally sailed under the rough caress of Pasha, did not react to anything.
He had already penetrated with his fingers into her hole, developed by the builder, and quickly fucked her with her hand, simultaneously eagerly clinging to her lips and flexing her milky white breasts.
Arnold was blindfolded, buttoned the top button on the pants, leaving the member sticking up in the hole of the fly.
So, Madeleine said, he would have less chance of finding out his wife, and we are not looking for simple ways.
The first gave him to study himself Olesya.
Pulling up her short skirt, she rested her hands on the table and, putting the elastic ass, swayed toward Arnold.
Togo held Ivan under the elbow, directing him in the right direction.
First, he blindly poked into Olesin’s crotch, but then managed to penetrate and, smacking sweetly, the member plunged into the soft wet flesh.
Olesya twisted her booty and began to move her along an intricate trajectory, hitting her partner, then almost completely leaving it. Hidden cam sex vids.

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