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From my place of dislocation, I could feel freely, shaking from Seryogin’s pushes, Irishkina breasts, see how Antonov’s end sinks over and over into my spouse’s mouth, hear how she noisily draws air into herself, after each push of a member in her body.
Without taking part in mating, one can notice a great deal from what has so far escaped attention.
For example, how Irkin’s jaws move during a blowjob, how she pulls in her cheeks when a member penetrates deep into her mouth.
How, almost imperceptibly, saliva runs down her chin.
As Irochka periodically, convulsively squeezes the cover and holds her breath, with a particularly successful hit of Seryoga in the depths of her womb.
As from two sides, then in tact, then – not really, slaps of male eggs are heard.
Or, when suddenly, with a loud champing, the Seryoga piston head falls out of the Irkina vagina.
And here I have an erection! It is not enough for me just to touch my wife by the chest, I already slip somewhere under her and grab her nipple with my mouth.
I am lying on my back, I feel that my end is swelling pleasantly.
I put my hand under Irkin’s stomach, looking for, pushing Seryogina’s eggs, and I find her clitoris, squeezing in my fingers, – Irochka squeals with joy (mumbles).
And immediately ends.
I lay, clutching my teeth in her nipple, feeling the Irishkin belly twitching in spasms.
I get out from under her, to see how, to the accompaniment of the moans of his wife, Anton flies into her mouth.
Grabbing her head with both hands, shoving his process in her mouth.
Of course, with Vika everything was very exciting.
But blowjob to a peasant in the performance of his own

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Words can not convey! – Here Irochka twitches and moos in orgasm.
Here Seryoga, continues to peck her with his dick.

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And now Anton, with a moan, pulls his head to his belly Irkin.
She rests her nose on the male groin, and her chin is slowly flowing down her saliva, mixed with sperm.
I’m sitting next to my knees and frantically jerking myself.
And a minute later, when the limp member fell out of the Irochkin mouth, she asked for a time out for a change of posture.
With a satisfied sigh, she pulled herself off Seryoga and fell over onto her back.
Seryoga and I, as soldiers with guns, with their protruding ends and swollen, shiny heads, jealously watched her movements.
As if they were afraid that she would run away, not satisfying our base desires.
Ira, however, was not going to leave us.
– She lay down on her back, scattered her limbs and prudently watching Seryoga and I synchronously polish our ends in our fists.
The face of my wife, like Vika, had a solid mask of dried sperm, her hair stuck together in clumps, and thick, white drops of Anton were bubbling on her lips and chin.
Then Seryoga proposed to try to fuck her together, in two, as he said, holes.
This was news to me! I even demanded an explanation.
Everything turned out to be very ordinary, while I purchased return tickets, our Ukrainian friends “opened up” my wife “from the rear”! And, in addition to everything, everything, and more than once.
Fine!? While Seryoga and I were discussing this news, Ira, cramming her fingers in herself, tried to keep herself in good shape.
In the end, we sat her on my penis, bent over, and Seryoga began to join in from behind while I was lying motionless.
It turned out he did not immediately and only when I personally parted Irishkin’s ass with both hands.
Could I imagine 20 days ago such a thing as well !? In short, Seryoga somehow pushed aside and I understood what it means to be “cramped”! – I really flattened cock! At the same time, since I was downstairs, I had to completely squeeze and straighten my legs, otherwise Seryoga had no place left.
Fortunately, Seryoga has experience in this kind of entertainment, much more than my wife and I have.
In general, we took a fighting “rack”, and away we go.
That is, our Ukrainian partner rushed, since neither I, nor Irka, had any place to rush.
And technically, impracticable.
I felt every Seryogino movement.
It even seemed to me at some point that he, along with me, was in the same hole, and not in different ones.
In addition to this, Seryoga still crawled with his eggs in my balls.
Until we started, I, in a sinful affair, thought that it would be extremely unpleasant for me to touch the body of a man. Free online english sex movies.

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