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There was a knock at the door.
Oh yes, I asked Garcia to go in, show me the maps, our route – it was curious to understand the navigation.
I reluctantly rose and opened the latch.
Garcia’s gaze immediately turned to the hollow between my breasts.
– Well, what are you staring at? – I snuggled into a robe tightly.
– Come on in.
I settled on the bed, Garcia – next, spreading out maps and reference books.
It was quite interesting to listen to, Garcia patiently explained the incomprehensible moments, I enthusiastically asked, even argued on this or that issue, until the chief assistant put his hand on my hip with the words: must arrive in squashod much earlier.
– Does it give you the right to put your hand on my hip? I raised my eyebrow in amazement.
– Are you afraid not to have time to sleep with me? – And how! – The hand crept to the edge of the robe, touching the bare skin.
And then she began to climb higher, exposing my leg higher and higher.
– Hands off! We haven’t finished yet! “But I’ll explain better this way,” Garcia whispered in my ear.
– Oh, how I doubt! Take your hands off your hips! The senior officer drew his hand back, but after five minutes she was in my bosom, caressing the roundness of the chest.
I looked at Garcia in surprise, feeling how they were examining me with might and main, looking at the silky skin, quietly tugging at the nipple.
– No hands, Garcia! – Oh, I’m sorry, Bess, got carried away with navigation! – You are carried away by studies that may be life-threatening.

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Bring better wine.
The warden poured wine, handed me a glass, clinging to the semi-naked boobs in the dressing gown that had opened as a result of his latest manipulations, the legs open above all decorum and settled in his legs, trying to penetrate the hem under the hem.
I kept my legs tight.
– Well, what are you hypnotizing?
You think my legs can move apart from a close look? – Oh, I get it, Bess! – exclaimed Garcia and began to caress my fingers and feet.
I still held out and snapped: – It is said the same – without hands! – Sorry, my princess! – muttered the chief officer and removed his hands.
to start covering my legs with kisses, occasionally touching my skin with my

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Here, my arguments ended, and without objection I allowed the man to rise higher and higher, until his head was opposite to my pussy.
I felt my tongue lick the very top of my lips, and then, when the man gently took my knee, meekly spread her legs.
And then she groaned – Garcia immediately introduced the tongue into me, and then moved it to the clitoris and further to the corner of the petals.
A finger intruded into me, and my body arched on the sheets, resting on the bed only with my ass and shoulder blades.
Garcia continued to caress me with his mouth, manipulating fingers in me.
He then made the tongue hard and guided them from the clitoris to the very top of the swollen sponges, then trembled with them, then gently slowly sucked the sponges, and sometimes bit them slightly.
I was already rushing about the bed, instinctively lifting my ass, trying to meet the caress.
– Oh, Garcia! Ltd! I can not do it anymore! Mmmmmm
I felt the second finger gently and gently intrude in the ass and screamed, feeling how everything is falling below me.
When I emerged from the whirlpool of bliss, Garcia still gave me pleasure between the legs with light touches, which made my body shudder with gratitude.
I picked up the assistant, ripped off his clothes and laid him on the bed.
His cock stuck out top, and I quickly saddled him. Free nude women cams.

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