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He felt hard, brackish nipples in his mouth, a wet, wriggling body in his hands, and the walls of the vagina sensually wrapping his dick.
She felt like the head was expanding her wet pussy, eggs were splashing on the anus, cold breath on the nipple gave way to a hot tongue and strong hands did not allow all this to stop.
She was at the limit, with each cell of the uterus she touched this

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the beginning of the head, the extension to the bridle and a slight constriction after, this is the trunk.
And without a word, he took it off, taking a bent over his hair with a crayfish, forced him to bend over the arch, put his head against the anus, pressed and began to slowly enter.
The narrow, hot rectum of the girl welcomed him.
Slowly forward all the way and sharply back.
Roughly inward, and slowly outward.
With one hand holding her hair on his head, the second hand, he took her clitoris.
And now he is not fucking her, she herself like a madman, then slowing down, then speeding up sits on him.
Just unimaginably screwed.
The pace is getting faster.
She feels only one sweet pain in the lower body, sandwiched the clitoris, ass tortured by a member.
Everything is going to both for one point.
On the clitoris.
On the head.
Eggs beat in a furious rhythm about a hole oozing with juice.
Come on slut, show what you can do! He pulls her hair even harder.
She squeezes the sphincter.
A blow to the clitoris.
And the sperm fountain hits inside.
Sweetness spreads through her body.
I love to wander to you in the point.
It was just a dream – a random, funny and bright erotic fantasy (without porn) about two students who inadvertently confronted in the early spring in one trolleybus, about fleeting, but piercing intimate contact and easy parting.
Well, terribly reluctant, head dull and heavy – perhaps, take a nap 10 more minutes, I have time.

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Again, I fall into a cumbersome slumber, and before my eyes it is not clear why the strange associative images are twisted.
March came to town.
Sang drops.
Sky soared.
Winter is already saying goodbye to the streets, and the air rings with the anticipation of a resurgent life.
Before my eyes flashed landscapes of his native city.
I am 20 years old, I am still studying at the university and now I am going in a trolley bus, in the back seat on the left.
The salon is gradually being filled with people (in the middle so, without a special crush), and right in front of me, a young girl sits on a side against the wall.
In a dream, the facial features of people are usually somewhat blurred, but I seem to be catching something vaguely familiar.
She is slightly above average height, thin, with light brown hair and gray eyes tied with a tail; skin is clean, thin, delicate, pale in spring.
Such a modest young doll with a slightly watchful look is probably still a freshman, perhaps even a virgin or with a very modest intimate experience.
She is dressed still in winter, but already in a slightly lighter version: in a blue, medium-length jacket, without a cap, in warm blue-colored pantyhose (skirts do not seem to be visible) and high light brown boots.
I was pressed a little into the corner, my legs didn’t fit directly behind the side seat, so I was halfway around the back door of the trolleybus.
The girl-neighbor sits to me right side, slightly deviated from the seat back and put her hands on the bag-package lying on her lap.
At the moment of the next rolling of the trolley, the palm of my left hand, in search of support, passes under the stranger’s elbow and quite naturally lies on the upper thigh of her right, close to me leg (between the package and the hollow jacket).
Of course, I immediately remove it, but after a while the same light random touch repeats.
And the thought begins to stir in my head with a tempting demon: “She doesn’t react to my touch at all, she is not indignant, maybe she should try.
“(I know perfectly well that girls in transport do not always react negatively to random touches of fellow travelers, and even sometimes provoke them, especially if these fellow travelers like them).
With my fingertips, very, very cautiously and terribly embarrassed by my own actions, I quite consciously touch the girl’s hip, a little further; at the moment of trolling the trolleybus, I slightly take away my palm, in order to touch the neighbor’s foot again now with all the phalanges of the fingers, then a little higher; Finally, I cover her thigh with my whole palm and freeze. Elite fuckers s bio and free webcam.

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