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See you after the fight.
I wish you victory.
Wish you and me.
She smiled at him, slowly dissolving into the air.
Vitka felt how her weight gradually disappears from his body.
Soon only the shadow of her smile remained in the air.
“Just like the Cheshire Cat,” thought Vitka.
I wish you victory, – he said.
A smile flickered to him – and disappeared.
They chased them out of work, from the party and from the Komsomol for chatter, but all the rumors grew like a snowball, flowed from town to town, from oblast to oblast, until they grew into something completely unbelievable and indigestible.
There was a hitch, Kuzma scolded -.
until they looked at the sky and froze like him.
A round black cloud like a funnel spun around the colony.
It grew, thickened, dimming daylight, and suddenly a lightning bolt broke from its very center, striking one of the buildings of the colony.
“Savelich, Savelich” – a whisper crawled through the crowd.
The red flag was forgotten – everyone looked in horror at the hull, which was not even supposed to burn.
Instead, a black shadow suddenly perched on him, rose to the very cloud – and crawled along with it towards the city.
In the outline of the shadow, the profile was distorted by a vengeful grimace.
“Savelich” – whispered gray convicts, for the first time in their lives, baptizing and mumbling forgotten prayers.
By noon, a shadow that grew a few hundred meters crawled towards the city.
A black funnel spun over her.
Shadow turned in the direction of the suburban lines.
The funnel broke out like a roar of laughter.
A colossal lightning fired from its very center, for some reason, directed not vertically, but at an angle, and struck the top of the dome.

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The dome trembled and sparked, but resisted.
The shadow was approaching – and new, new, new lightning struck the dome until it finally burst with a rain of blue splashes.
Everything around me darkened, as if the sun had been covered with a lead cap.

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shadow came close to the cottage Kokorin.
A blue transparent wall suddenly flashed around the perimeter of the dacha quarter, in one place immediately sparkled with bright fireworks.
There immediately shot lightning, repulsed by a counter lightning.
At this point, the second shadow has outlined and expanded.
She was loose and hunched.
It was evident that it was difficult for her to grow — either from a lightning strike, or from something else — but she grew up, beating off more and more lightnings, which more and more loosened her.
Finally, the same funnel began to spin over her, a new thunder clap struck – and the response lightning flew into the offender’s shadow.
The duel of two shadows lasted no more than ten minutes.
Soon it became clear that the first shadow triumphs a decisive victory: the second shadow broke up, pasted to pieces of black fog, and the funnel above it was resolved before our eyes, turning into liquid black jelly.
One of the lightning bolts suddenly fell exactly in its middle.
The shadow instantly collapsed and spread across the ground.
There was a triumphant roar of thunder-laughter, which smashed glass in half of the neighboring houses, and in the center of the funnel a blue ball of liquid fire shone above the first shadow.
He was shivering, swelling, he was straining – and it was clear that now he would be discharged by lightning of a colossal force that would incinerate the second shadow, and with it half the city.
But at that moment a white figure suddenly grew between the two shadows.
The smoky cover, which covered the remnants of the second shadow with the same dome as it was before, expired from it.
The monstrous lightning struck him – and spread over him like burning mercury, having gone into the ground.
New, new and new lightning struck the dome – and could not pierce it.
The cloud above the first shadow thickened and darkened, turning into an impenetrable black hole. Egypt sex webcam.

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