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At this time, Ivan already sat on the bed of Tatiana at her feet.
– So you and sleep.
Or leap up.
Take a nap.
And I will only caress you with my lips, tongue and hands.
Your gates of pleasure.
– What if I’m excited? Are you excited? Getting excited? – Well, if you get excited, then I will help you to calm your excitement.
But only with your consent.
So let’s start affection? – Persuaded.
To spend the night with a man in the same room and not to give in to caresses is a perversion.
Did you read “Theater” Maugham? As Julia Lambert could not resist the train against the caresses of the Spaniard? And where do you start? – I’ll start slowly.
Well, under the blanket zazlez hands.
Who is sleeping in our pants? Such large girls should sleep without panties.

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Who knows what uncle will come at night? Uncle will get under the blanket to the girl, and she is in panties! Oh no no no! What a shame! All holes in big girls at night should be ready to receive items.
Remove panties.
Like this.
And what is this pussy between the legs? Quite little pussy! Now we will kiss her for it! But first.
Ivan bared Tatiana, took her blanket and spread it on the table.
Then he picked up the girl in his arms, carried him to the table and laid him on his back.
In fact, you, the reader, read this sentence longer than the man needed to prepare the girl and her bed directly for caressing.
Of course, while Ivan carried Tatiana from the bed to the table, she squealed and was indignant: – Oh! Where are you taking me? – Now you find out.
– Aaa, sly!

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So that’s why you left the table free! – Guess? Well, then move the legs apart.
Ivan, standing at the table, gently helped the girl to bend her knees and spread them apart.
Then he pressed his mouth to her sex lips.
Tatyana gasped and breathed noisily.
The man broke away from his dainty for moments to say: – Well, since you allowed me to sweet, now hold on! He again plunged the face between the legs of a friend and continued to lick her pussy.
Trying to give Tanya maximum pleasure, Ivan especially paid attention to the clitoris.
Finally, the woman moaned loudly and squeezed her hips, having an orgasm.
Ivan barely freed himself from his strong thighs: – Well, Zaya!
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