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The main thing is that each of them most often sincerely believes in what he says and is ready to defend his opinion before specialists of any level, actively stepping into debate.
What is needed for Railways.
The main charm of this thing lies in the indisputable belief of these girls in their own opinions, which is why every other point of view should simply have to die in the gas chamber.
For Russian Railways, this is important only because if a student of the psychology faculty for one reason or another gives you some kind of diagnosis for example “pedophilia” or worse, then you can safely go on the run to save your dignity from castration.
I understand that people who have not tried the whole beauty of Russian Railways on their skin will not be able to appreciate the taste of this little nuance.
Probably, all of the above concerns not only female students – psychologists, but also female students – doctors, female students – lawyers, etc.
I also had the honor to deal only with girls – psychologists, and twice.
The first case, which occurred a year ago, was described in my story “Otzombirovala”, the second case occurred quite recently.
Once I met a girl, a student at the psychological department of a Moscow university.
We communicated with her for a long time before she began to show increased interest in me.
At first, as is being done at Russian Railways, I did not tell any personal secrets about myself, giving this girl the opportunity to gradually unwind me.
“Why do not you have a girlfriend?” “I do not know” “You do not pull on girls or are you just shy of them?” “Second.
Even afraid of something sooner.
“” What? “” Well, come.
Become acquainted.
Difficult to communicate and so on.
“” You’re quite closed, huh? “” Yes “” You prefer, say, to chat with a girl on the Internet, than, say, chat with her live.
So? “” Well, yes.
“” You probably do a lot of onanism.

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So? “” Well.
” “So.
How many times have you done this a day? ”“ Several ”“ Have you ever been drawn to all sorts of perversions? I wanted a thrill? “” Yes “” Have you discussed this attraction with anyone? “” Only virtually “” I see.
I already understand your psychological portrait “” According to this correspondence? It is impossible! “” Perhaps “” I will never believe it.
Tell me about me.
” “Good.
You are a weak, cowardly boy.
Every evening you, quietly closing in the room, watching porn, and jerking your little dick.
““ I’m not small ”“ Small ”“ How do you know? ”“ I’m learning to be a psychologist and you are at a glance ”“ Really? ”“ Yes! I know the whole truth about you. “” What? “” You were wearing lingerie.
Stockings, panties, etc.
So yes.
How do you know? “” I told you, I know everything about you.
You’re in my hands.
Whose was this lingerie? “” Moms.
And what else do you know? “” A lot of things.
In addition to the fact that you have a small penis and small testicles, you are not very ugly in appearance, so you are afraid to look at someone’s eyes, so you prefer to sit in front of the computer at home.
So? “” Yes “” Do you have a sister? “” Yes “” Younger? “” Yes “” Have you ever spied on her in the bathroom? “” No “” And maybe yes? “” Well, okay.
” “You see? Understand, I see through you, so that lies will not slip.
Do you understand? “” Yes “” Did you masturbate when you spied on her? “” Yes “” Did you sniff her panties? “” Listen, let’s forget okay? “” No.
Answer! “” Yes “” Did you jerk off at her sock or did you do something else with her socks? “” Yes.
I wore one on the dick and jerked off “” And the other?

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“” Smelled “” Fu! I knew it! What a bastard you are! Need to talk to your father about this.
” “Do not! Please! “” You are a typical germ of a maniac – a pedophile.
You need to cut, and urgently “” How is it? “” Castrate “” Do not! I did not do anything.
“” This has not yet done.
Then it will be too late.
““ Well, can I do something to prevent this from happening? ”“ Well, I don’t know.
Become a passive homosexual.
If you have a boyfriend who will regularly cock you in the ass, then hormones will change a lot in you, and you will become a girl.
And then I will believe that you can no longer be attracted to children “ok” “Do you agree?” “Yes” “Good girl! I’m already starting to treat you better.
Soon I’ll throw off the mail of one guy, he loves boys like you.
Meet him at the weekend.
Is that clear? “” Yes “” Goodbye.
And look at me.
I took you in control.
“” What else do you know about me? “” Everything “” What is everything? “” You open and enter the pages of various rich, beautiful and successful girls, and masturbate on their photos, but because of low intelligence in your fantasies you leave near. Cheating wife sex cam.

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