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Then she looked around and saw boxes, in which there was feces.
I opened it and a sharp, but pleasant smell began to excite me.
I touched his tongue and bit off a small piece.
Surprisingly, I did not feel disgust.
I got him neatly through – the taste was very pleasant.
I swallowed it, and carried the rest to the hospital.
I filled the empty jar with my own urine.
There was another case: we repaired the sewage system, and two friends came to me (the one who took the tests).
We drank a lot of juice and they terribly wanted to go to the toilet – they had to go to the bucket.
As soon as they left, I eagerly drank everything that was there – and there was more than half a liter.
But luck was with me that day.
A young girlfriend of my mother, Elena Sergeyevna, rang the doorbell, I told her that there was no mother, but she had the exact same problem as her friends.
I do not know how much this woman endured, but in the end, about a liter of fragrant-smelling liquid appeared in the bucket.
I drank it for an hour.
Urine was bitter and too salty, moreover, the smell she was quite strong, but very pleasant.
So I began to drink urine, but some details later.

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We drank.
Oksana put her leg aside and Olya hugged her, sitting down with open pussy on the foot.
She rubbed her breasts on Oksana’s leg and at the same time sat on her fingers.
Oksana, meanwhile, cut up a salad, not forgetting about her dog.
She raised her toes up to make Ole more comfortable.
With her thumb, she felt her clit, swollen with excitement.
Holding one leg to the other, the other Olya held Oksana’s foot, twisting her pussy and periodically

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pushing her fingers inside.
Her breathing became faster, she sat down deeper and deeper, rolling her head in anticipation of a quick orgasm.
But at this moment Oksana pulled her foot out from under her.
Olya gave a disappointed groan, her flushed vagina craved orgasm.
She folded her legs and stuck out her hand.
I did not allow you to masturbate, quickly pull out your hand and spread your knees to the sides, Oksana shouted at her.
Olya obediently spread her knees wide.
Her legs shook with impatience and desire.
Now you understand what you really need.
Your body betrays you, you are ready for anything to sit on my foot.
Listen to your body and say what you really want.
Oksana touched her toe to Olya’s crotch excited, teasing her clit a little.
Olya stood on tiptoe, trying to press her crotch against the foot.
Not so fast.
Before you enjoy it, you will make an agreement with me.
Olga was ready for anything.
She was standing on the floor, spreading her legs wide before Oksana, with her hands on the floor.
Her open crotch as if begged Oksana to insert her foot back.
You will carry out all my orders, do everything I say. Cam free sex.

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