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He offered to meet you, we got to talking and later went to bask in the cafe.
Such a spontaneous acquaintance with a cool guy discouraged me and I completely enjoyed the setting.
He offered a drink and I did not notice how we drained a whole bottle of champagne.
Alcohol hit in the head and thoughts became hotter.
He stared at me, occasionally lowering his gaze on the open legs, throwing it on the sofa, and the chest incision.
I was excited by this look and I licked my lips, playfully looking at him.
He understood everything at once and pressed his lips to mine.
We started kissing very passionately, as if waiting for it all evening.
He hugged me with his hands and pulled me close, stroking my back, carefully lowering myself down.
I wrapped my arms around his head and enjoyed his sweet lips.

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Almost immediately I felt that a bump appeared on his jeans and began to rub his thigh about him.
From such my movements, he rolled his eyes and moaned slightly.
He laid his hands on my ass, climbed under the dress and began greedily to feel her and play with a strip of panties.
But at the most inopportune moment the waiter came and we had to urgently take an innocent posture.
My thoughts came in order, and, realizing that much was allowed on the first date, I referred to a later time and we said goodbye, finally exchanging telephones.
The next morning I received a text message from him proposing to meet with him in the evening and watch a movie and drink French wine.
I agreed and, of course, understood what the evening meeting could turn into.
I redid all the cases and took up the preparation.

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In my heart, as always, I cleanly shaved my intimate zone, carefully washed the hole in the priest.
This procedure pretty much got me, but I had to get ready.
Coming out of the shower for a long time I could not look into myself in the mirror – a third-sized breast with pink nipples, a slender waist, an elastic taut ass, long straight legs.
I’m just the embodiment of the male dream! But what to hide, I would have fucked myself.
I put on my makeup, collected things, just in case I took a pack of condoms.
From the lingerie, I chose a red set of lace panties and a bra, which gave my already elegant chest an excellent shape.
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