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She opened the safe herself and took out a briefcase with papers.
In this portfolio were very valuable securities.
At first glance, for the uninitiated person, these papers were of no interest, but only Olga knew that they contained all the most accurate information about the company.
How much sleepless nights she spent in order to properly organize the work of the company, she collected and valued every piece of paper on which a lot could depend.
Previously, she had nowhere to store a portfolio, so she kept important documents in a working safe, and now there was a completely different situation and documents could be removed to a more reliable place.
Lena transferred her things and documents to Ekaterina Alekseevna’s office.
Katya went up to Olga and said: Well, now let’s go for the “Kaennoy”?

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Catherine gave Lena last instructions, and they went to the salon.
But the price of the car was 180,000 euros.
In the salon, they immediately issued it to the traffic police, made a motor hull, and with further peace of mind went further on business.
Olga was very pleased with the new machine.
She offered Kate to call in a beauty salon, to do her hair, and then go shopping and buy clothes for her.
Olga dressed her clothes mostly Katina.
Despite the fact that Catherine had a very extensive wardrobe and many things were worn only one or several times, and then simply put in bags and kept in a storeroom, Katya gave Olga the oldest and most fashionable things.
Although all her things were expensive and of very high quality.
In the salon, Olga did her hair, she immediately changed a lot, became more stylish.

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Passing through the central shops, Katya bought Olga a bunch of dresses, skirts, jeans, T-shirts, blouses, underwear, etc.
Downloading shopping bags to a brand new jeep, they drove home.
Having entered the territory of the house, the slaves opened the door only to Catherine’s car, they ignored Olga.
She got out of the car and said viciously: Bitches, today I will arrange a good execution, why not one pudla did not open the door for me, the Lady of the morning told you to listen to me or your brains, or rather, what was left of them completely atrophied, nothing, today I’ll fix it.
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