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The orgasm was coming.
“I’m coming,” shouted loudly, I tried to warn her.
– I, too, eee! – Elena woke up and began to convulse.
In the meantime, I filled her blissful ass with sperm, vomiting portions of her in a member.
The warm and viscous liquid that filled the woman’s ass increased her orgasm several times, making her whine loudly.
She, twitching, fell on me and, I strongly pressed her to me and covering her face with kisses, enjoyed the way she finished.
I was happy that I delivered such pleasure to my boss.
“You are lovely,” burst out with a sigh from Elena’s mouth.
And after a while: “Prepare yourself more seriously tomorrow.”
Rest as it should.
Soviet anecdote: “The English delegate is speaking at an international trade union conference: – In our country, a sexual five-minute session has been introduced in production.”
The Frenchman speaks: – Our people are hotter, we have achieved the right to a sexual ten-minute! Ovation.
Speaker Soviet delegate: – We do not have anything like that.
– How do you work? ! “In our country, there are two-month refresher courses!” Ten years ago, I worked as an ordinary technologist in a very large company with branches in many cities.
An ambitious oligarch came to the leadership in some unknown way and began ruthlessly rejuvenating the staff.
I was sent to Moscow to improve my qualifications.
The system of study was sweaty, from nine in the morning to nine in the evening there were lectures, seminars, business games, tests of a thousand questions.
Well at least there was no homework.
I knew all this, but was delighted.
My salary and status after my three-month courses increased greatly.
In Moscow, I was settled in an ordinary three-room apartment.

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When I settled down a bit, neighbors came.
I went to the hallway to get acquainted and take off the coat.
These were pretty thirty-year-old business women.
Beauty contest they would not have won, but charm was definitely there.
Both were very tall, under the meter eighty, not skinny and not fat.
One was light, the second slightly redhead.
The blond woman looked at me and said: – Hello, Seryozha, have not seen each other for a long time.
Get acquainted, it’s Zhenya.
Then I recognized her.
In our student days, we were in one get-together for about two years.
I began to remember her name, yet I managed to pass ten years.
Fortunately, Zhenya prompted: – I am very glad that Lucy met her first love.
With a short glance I managed to appreciate Zhenya the figure, but I was struck by her voice, unusually charming and fascinating.
I was completely stunned by the beautiful neighbors and offered to immediately go to dinner.
“This is what I don’t want now, to put on this evening dress,” answered Lucy, “let’s order here.”
Restaurant in the next house.
You will not be shocked by the ladies in home clothes? Lucy and I sat down on the couch with glasses of wine and remembered student friends.
– Do you have any idea how this evening will end? – asked Lucy, – you won’t run away from me anywhere.
Zhenya and I arrived yesterday, and I begged the administration to settle us together.
“I’m not going to run away,” I wondered.
In ancient times, I liked Lucy, I just was very passionate about another girl.
“You can touch me, compared to what I intend to allow you today, it will look completely innocent,” Lucy began the process of seduction.
When Eugene appeared in the shower in a home outfit, my hands caressed the luxurious breasts of Lusina, and I wondered if Zhenya would remain pretty without makeup.
Zhenya wore a T-shirt, fitting a little plump figure, and black little pants up to her knees, fitting an incredibly sexy ass.
“Isn’t she cute?” – Lucy pushed me, – Zhenya will explain the rest of the details to you.
Zhenya changed Lucy on the couch.
She washed the makeup, but became even more charming.
Blond eyelashes quite fit gray eyes.
Big plump lips and lipstick looked great.
Excited nipples shone through the shirt.

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She gently stroked my sticking trousers, clung to me and said: – You will not be left alone today, Lucy will certainly seduce you.
– And you will not seduce me? – I was upset.
– Of course, seduce.
But only after Lucy.
In the meantime, you can hug me! – Can I touch you? – If it is gentle, then you can! Arab sex movies online.

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