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We went into the living room.
I showed him our apartment.
All the sights say so, but the main attraction was me.
It was frankly read in his eyes.
We settled in the living room, in the chairs at the table.
We drank tea with cake.
I more often than others were looking for a reason to get up to twist my ass in front of him.
Then Alla said that she was not for a long time, she had to leave for the club, give orders (the hostess, no matter how) and left us alone.
It seemed to me that here it is the moment! But Sasha did not make any gestures in this regard, although he was obviously interested in me.
Then Alla returned.
We sat for a while longer and Sasha began to get ready to leave.
I went to see him off.
– Thank you for your hospitality.
I was pleased to talk with you, meet with my sister, whom I had not seen for years 7.
– Will you come again? – I asked hopefully.
– Invite, come.
– You can come without invitations.
We are friends.
– Friends.
Okay, I’ll go.
– Until.
And he left.
I was bursting with surging feelings.
And the joy and resentment, and some misunderstanding of the situation.
– Gone? Alla asked when I returned to the room.
– Yes.
– How was it? – None.
– Quite? – Yes, we did not even kiss.
– He was always timid in these matters.
I’m sure he wanted you, but because of his shyness, he could not take the first step.
– Do you think? – Yes.
Next time, attack first.
He will not stand.
– and she hugged me.
For two days I planned how and what.
And on Monday morning, having scored an arrow in the back after lessons.
She ran home, made herself an enema, wearing black lace underwear and stockings underneath and took cosmetics with her.
She returned to school, took the keys to the back room from him.
said i would wait for him there.
She made up her face, undressed and sat in a corner on a high chair, began to wait for him.
The lessons are over.
A call to the 1st lesson of the 2nd shift, silence.

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Knock on the door.
– Vitya open, it’s me.
– his voice rang out.
Here it is, now I will give myself to him or he will chase me away and it will all end.
I open it.
– Are you out of your mind? Get dressed now.
We can also be caught.
– Why dress? You don `t want me? – my hand slipped to his groin.
– I want, really want! – he closed the door and firmly dug into my lips.
He kissed me, more passionately.
His hands wandered in my shameless body.
His lips and tongue caressed my neck, going down to my chest.
Hands quickly unbuttoned her bra and my girlish breasts felt for the first time, male caresses.
He so gently caressed my boobs that I was directly dizzy.
I began to moan, my surprise, sandwiched between my legs, began to slowly pour blood and deliver even more discomfort.
And I had to release him, although he did not get up for a long time due to hormones.
I was excited, the priest ached so sweetly, she so requested to shove something there.
My hands across were torn, to his groin.
The belt is unbuttoned, further the fly.
Down with the pants.
Down with the cowards.
Here he is! Got it! I started to go down.
He leaned his ass on the table.
His cock was in front of my face, on full alert.
A member, a real male member, 18 centimeters long and rather thick, 5-6 cm in diameter, with a large red head.
Here it is in my hands.
I caress him with my hands, rub his face and lips about him.
I lick at first its tip, then in a circle, I play with the tongue with its bridle, then I go through the whole trunk, right up to the testicles, play a little with them, return to the head and greedily swallow it, trying to push it deeper.
All you are mine! – flashes through my head.
I continue to sit down on it, with my brightly painted mouth.
His hands caress my head, push me to the rhythm.
My lips tightly covered this, so desired by me, last years, flesh.
Sasha groans, asking not to stop.
My head is already spinning, not only from excitement, but also from the amplitude of movement.
Cheekbones and lips begin to tire here.
Sasha began to finish.
His cock swelled even more and started shooting right in my mouth.
I let him go and started kneading my tits.
At the same time trying to catch the mouth all the sperm, but a lot of things flew past the mouth, hitting my hair, face.
From the mouth, too, flowed out, something that did not have time to swallow, and dripped from

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the chin to my chest.
His moans subsided a bit, and he lifted me from my knees, put me on the table, on my back and pulled off my panties.
To his gaze appeared my smoothly-dipillirovanny lobochek.
His lips began to kiss him.
Then he swallowed my raised segment without any problems and began to work with his mouth, trying to describe the circles around the bare head with his tongue. World sex online.

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