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Only such you do not want me.
Tears filled her beautiful eyes.
God, it seems, I really was not indifferent to her! Not in my rules, albeit unwittingly, but to insult a partner who is not indifferent to me with reluctance.
I just had to fix the situation! I hugged Talia by the shoulders, drew her to me and kissed her cheek

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that was wet from tears.
In fact, I was just being torn apart by conflicting desires, either to cross this Rubicon, or to run, headlong.
But Talia so trustingly clung to me with my whole body, that I decided.
“Well, you stupid,” I patted her head in a fatherly way.
– I want you like this, just like this! And with these words I took her dick in hand.
Talia froze in my arms, in my opinion, even ceasing to breathe.
For the first time in my life, I squeezed someone in my hand, not my dick.
It is an absolutely indescribable impression when your palm, the pads of your fingers pass to the brain the usual sensations, but you yourself do not feel anything, because the flesh in your hand is not yours, but someone else’s! I began to gently and rhythmically squeeze and unclench my fingers, to which this alien flesh immediately began to pour, swell, get fat and harden in my hand.

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In my opinion, Talia obviously flirted about the defective erection, because after a minute, her dick literally rang from the tension, with her head straight up.
I no longer crumpled, but quite frankly jerking him, then pulling the foreskin with two fingers on the poured head, then pulling it down so that it was ready to burst the bridle.
A minute later, a large transparent drop of grease rolled out of the stoma of her excited member.
– Am I doing everything right? – I asked her in a whisper.
Waist, without opening her eyes, often nodded often.
– I want you to feel good, so that you finish, do you hear? – Yes-ah.
, – apparently, she could only stretch in response.
She was on her knees, her head thrown back, red spots all over her chest, neck and face.
I collected all the grease from the head, a thick thread stretched for a long time after my finger, until it broke off, I smeared this passionate liquid on Thalia’s half-open lips and stuck a kiss on them.
Talia, as if waking up, immediately replied with her lips, tongue, her whole mouth, as if she wanted to suck me to the rest.
Her hand found and grabbed my standing member.
All this time I was so absorbed in what I was doing with Talia, that I myself was surprised that I again had a full stand-bye.
“I want you,” I said without failing to act on the banality of the partner.
Waist was no exception: “Fuck me if you want me to cum, fuck me soon,” her lips immediately began to whisper hotly in response, she felt a condom behind her, began to tear the celluloid membrane of the packaging with trembling fingers. World live sex tv.

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