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presses me to him.
And moving, slowly, but persistently – I like it so much.
So like to be in his strong hands.
And feel protected in complete safety.
he is afraid of hurting me.
he can’t hear my screams of pain.
he hits and he feels bad.
why am I torturing his personality so much? Why do I want to break it ?.
make him a terrible, rude man whose hands can only bring pain? I’m cruel.
I turn to face him and push him away from my pussy.
but do not let him get down from his knees.
– Do you want to play? I ask mysteriously.
– With you in anything – Good.
then come on, I’ll show you that when they hit the belt, it doesn’t hurt at all 🙂 you will see for yourself, do you want? – well, OK.
He said cautiously.
– can I tie your hands? You trust me, don’t you? 🙂 – I trust With these words, I skip to find the rope more tightly, and return to him, take his hands and with dexterity tie them behind my back — so tight? -Yes, relax me a little.

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You trust me, don’t you? 😉 -I trust;) I knew – he knows what will happen now.
Apparently he was ready for this.
And maybe even tried to tune in to aggression.
I was hoping, of course.
But he immediately said: – Nar, so that you do not, I will not make you sick.
And do not dream;) Hmm, sounds like a challenge, but wildly furious that he refuses to do me nicely (hurts).
Once bound, I take it roughly by the hair and press it to the floor.
– And now, you will be standing on Kyle’s quarters.
According to my desire.
He falls to the floor and has a very frightened expression on his face.
– oh yes, I forgot something;) I leave and come with handcuffs, blindfold.
There is even more shock on his face.
– Nara.
Do not do it.
Haha, closing his eyes and handcuffing his hands, now he definitely cannot get rid of me.

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now it will surely hurt him.
And pay for refusing me! I put on a strapon and stand on my knees behind him.
his body trembles.
because the balance does not allow him to even rise.
– Kyle, baby.
don’t worry so much
You are mine.
You are created to be mine.
Do not worry, now it will be right.
Because what I’m doing with you is all right.
With these words, I bend over him, like that lion from a photo that I sent him a long time ago, when we first met.
I begin to push my body against him.
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