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The abdomen is flat, the hair falling on the eyes is gray, almost colorless.
Growth is difficult to assess, there is nothing around.
I have risen, I have not experienced any hunger or any other needs, it means I have been here recently.
I took a couple of steps one side, nothing, the other – too.
I started to walk just to go, I felt scared, all alone, it was not clear where.

I saw only a small section of the floor in front of me and fog.
Silence around oppressed.
So I passed it is not clear how much time, just looking at his feet.
Suddenly, a crevice appeared in the floor, I was quickened a little, once the landscape changes, it means things are not so bad.
Approaching the cleft, I was disappointed, it was no more than a meter long and not wider than twenty centimeters in the widest part, a crack no more.
I was about to go further, but I noticed movement in the crack.
I approached.
An incomprehensible creature peeking out of the cleft looked more like a plant process.
This process was climbing from one side to the other, as if searching for something.

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I did not touch it, but just looked more closely.
This incomprehensible object noticed me and sent the sharp part of the process.
I held my breath.
The scion moved a little from side to side, and then suddenly splashed some whitish liquid on me.
I, in an instant, recoiled, but late, drops fell on my chest and stomach.
I crawled away from this shit.
I tried to wipe this mucus from my body, but it was viscous and greasy like petroleum jelly, only smeared it and scribbled my hands.
Noticing that nothing terrible is happening, I got up and walked around the strange place.
I was not very long, the landscape has not changed, but now this slime that covered my tits began to act strangely.
My nipples hardened and began to stand up, it became a little sodnit in the crotch, and my chest began to itch a little.
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