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“We have already arrived,” Albert answered, his voice hoarse with anger and excitement.
He, without looking back, slammed the door behind him, and the darkness swallowed the room.
– Are you crazy? What are you doing?! Exclaimed Helga nervously.
She slowly stepped back, seeing absolutely nothing.
For long moments nothing happened.

Helga wrapped her arms around herself, desperately listening.
A strange rustle, steps, another rustle, then again everything was quiet.
“I want to leave,” Helga whispered quietly with her eyes closed.
The answer was silence.
After a moment, she felt her hands on her bare shoulders.
They gently slid from the shoulders to her hands, slightly squeezed them, directing down along the body.
Helga obediently lowered them, but he did not want this: holding her hands with his own, he forced her to stroke her stomach, slowly rising to her chest.
– Albert.
She began, but then he covered her mouth with her own hand.
Helga fell silent, just leaning her back on him, and he immediately began kissing her neck.

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He did it leisurely, tastefully, enjoying, without saying a word.
He did not hold her by force; all touches were soft and light.
Helga did not expect this from Albert at all, because he was furious when she dragged her here.
He would not let her speak, and she thought – really, why? It is better to surrender to these magical caresses, especially since they are so delightfully pleasant.
on this thought, her head was completely empty, and he was already touching her body with his hands.
How did she not notice that he had such strong hands? He quite deftly removed her upper part of the suit, and he slid to the floor with a ringing sound.
So standing behind her, he took her neat breasts in his palms, fingers squeezing the sharp nipples.
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