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I stand under her arm with a candle and, while the Mistress smokes with pleasure, the wax of the candle pours down my hunched slave back.
Burns painful, but tolerable.
Finally, the cigarette is finished, the Mistress drops the candle, which falls on my back, pouring wax on it, and fades away, leaving the last burn.
I lay down with a red candle in my hands under my feet, the Lady puts one shoe on my genitals, the second one on her mouth and takes the candle.
Leg thin heels tormented scrotum and trampling member.

The second is intensively licked by me.
Wax candles liberally irrigate my breasts, completely filling my nipples and stomach.
Pain and buzz, humiliation and delight, all mixed up in the process.
A slave, filled with wax, looks like a patient with a severe skin disease with exfoliating scabs, and I understand the disgusting expression on the face of the Lady.
The leg continues to trample on my organs, and the moan of a golden pencil put into my mouth is muffled by moans.
But the candle burned out and I was allowed to tidy myself up, I kneel down and crawl behind the back of the Lady’s chair so as not to spoil her with the sight of a slave tearing off her red and black wax waxes.

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The skin under wax is red, inflamed and painful.
Tastes differ! I am again at my beloved feet.
In the hands – a crystal flat vase.
The lady gets up from the chair and puts her legs over her.
Beautiful long, slender legs with emerald marigolds in shoes with fantastically long heels-stylets.
I raise the vase to her vagina and slip my face with my tongue sticking out.
Mrs., the one laying off, gives out her golden nectar, which flows on my tongue and flows down from it into a vase.
I am forbidden to swallow, but this is not in my power, and I instinctively eaten a couple of times, for which I received two strong slaps when the flow dried up.
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