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Their relationship with Valera lasted about two years.
Gradually, Luda got used to the size of his penis, and at first Valera had to cook it for a long time.
Over time, the vagina stretched and she was already without fear began to wear a member.
Lovers have tried all positions.
Especially Luda liked the position of “rider”.
She just took her breath away when she herself sat on a vertically standing huge member of her lover.
Pose on all fours, letting her know who was in charge of the bed.
The member burst into the Ludyne’s body and moved in a straight line to the very end of the vagina, and Valera firmly held her hips, or her hair, not allowing her to escape from his blows.
Once Valera tried to enter Ludin in the anus, having previously stretched it with his fingers.
Luda, who had experienced several orgasms before, was unable to resist it.
The head penetrated with difficulty into the intestine and the matter did not get further.
Valery pulled a little member and quickly finished, came out.
But, as it turned out, Luda initiated these actions thoroughly.
She began to deliberately stretch her anus and a month later she offered her lover to try her ass.
Now he was able to penetrate somewhat deeper, but Luda had finished two times.
In general, the daily attempts, stretched and anus girls.
By the way, anal sex Luda liked no less than vaginal.
Only with oral sex did not work.
By nature, Luda’s mouth was small, and Valera’s head was still huge.
The only thing she could do was lick the barrel, like ice cream, and put half of the head in her mouth.
Naturally this did not satisfy the man, but he could not climb deeper.
In general, the lovers stopped there.
However, sometimes Valera pressed the head to Luda’s open mouth and finished inside.

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After two years, the lovers parted.
Valery moved to another place, and then Luda returned to her homeland.
From their relationship left only good memories, but greatly stretched the anus and vagina.
I experienced the strength of their stretch that evening.
The anus was strong, but it was enough to touch his rose, as he opened and swallowed the whole member.
The vagina, after half an hour of fucking, turned into a soft slobbering hole, into which I easily drove my whole palm.
The only thing that I managed to do, unlike Valera, I put a member in Luda’s mouth and ended it almost in the throat.
She moved to our city, so I think there will be more interesting stories with her participation.
In general, we will wait and see.
I do not advise reading this to those who are not yet finished gonzo.
My story will appeal

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only to those whom all already known ideas of relationships (Dominance, Fetish, whip, etc.)
) got and he is looking for a supernova! For those who crave for this revolution! Then I was 16 years old, I was finally zadrochen in the literal sense of the word, even normal porn, even pervert did not insert me.
I knew about masturbation, porn and perversions of almost everything.
I suffered because I could not find the next golden bottom of my satisfaction.
Having gone from masturbation to a picture, then to porn, then to fetish, then to BDSM, then to more rigid things, to talk about which the language does not turn, and back, I acquired the highest taste, but it had a downside – not it was in the world of sexual “sweetness” that I liked.
And I came up with the game.
I was lying on the bed with my little laptop, traveling through the pages of “Learn”, “Contact” and “My World” of different women.
I traveled under the left-hand days.
I chose pretty women aged 27-30 years.
I chose from pretty ones with pretty, slender figures, beautiful feet, which was for me the most important, beautiful strict businessmen.
I liked this type of women.
In general, I am a pronounced fetishist, I believe that a woman can not be considered beautiful if she has just ugly feet or flat feet.
Found girls, I wrote dirty, obscene things on purpose! Ninety percent of the time I was sent or not answered, this is normal.
I only needed those ten percent.
My ultimate dream was to find the one that wrote “I will calculate you and tell your parents what you are doing!” One such phrase introduces me to wild ecstasy.
This is the “extreme”, which I lack for pleasure.
I cannot explain the nature of this, but the fact remains. Transparent bra panty set online shopping india.

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