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We talked about how about this and I was going home.
I could not refuse, took a feminine.
Sex was in the hallway on the floor.
Although I tried to refuse, but how can I refuse the man to whom I was walking.
That’s it over.
Karina felt anger and resentment.
Her world collapsed.
She knew that she couldn’t just forgive him, she couldn’t continue, just sit with him in his cozy apartment and know that he was near her man.
Treason is such a simple word, but how difficult it becomes when it comes to your family.
When did he start sleeping with another? With this slut, who, by a misunderstanding of fate, turned out to be his colleague in the office and, on occasion, did not fail to push her young, slim legs for someone else’s husband? Karina felt the anger from these thoughts, again pours her cheeks with a hot blush.
Why did he do it? What for? Karina was driving home after the next working day.
A young, slim 26 year old brunette, dressed in a short, tight mini-skirt, a brown sweater and a beige raincoat, ending just at the skirt level.
She was chasing her thoughts around, looking for a way out of the stalemate.
Forgive – to pretend that nothing happened? And then all my life to think, and with whom is he sleeping today? Or make a scandal – break up? But she still loved him – and did not want to lose.

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The bus glass reflected a beautiful face with brown eyes, from which tears of insult crawled down my cheeks.
Why are men like that? How to be now? Questions that were not answered.
Karina felt someone else’s appreciated look.
Looked around, looking for a source.
A young Caucasian-looking guy sitting opposite, without stopping, looked at her.
Brazenly watched, stripped eyes and already fucked in his thoughts.
And he is cute! Karina thought, dropping her eyes.
Yes, but I’m married! And my husband cheated on me! Caucasian eyes went over her thighs, on boobs, packed under a tight-fitting sweater, face down.
Spread the young, slim legs! Karina felt resentment replaced by anger.
Hi, – Karina smiled at a stranger.
Hi, – the guy smiled too.
Now or never, just like that! Karina decided, and leaned forward so that only the boy could hear her: Now stop, we go out – you do not ask questions! – Karina looked into his eyes.
They squeezed to the exit, pushing the passengers apart.
Finally, the street, the twilight of an autumn evening, is cool but moderate.
They walked together and held hands.
A turn, another one and an entrance in which on the sixteenth, last, floor the lights are unscrewed.
He got to

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Well what nonsense ?! Come on, Karina sat on the window-sill facing the guy, pulled down her pantyhose and pulled off her panties, I don’t care for you, I just spread my “young, slim legs”! He understood everything, pulled off his jeans and underwear – already the erect member looked forward. Trans webcam chat.

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