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We had a long road ahead.
Jurgen Schechkin

My wife Katya and I live in one of the regional centers of central Russia.
Our city, though not small, but certainly not Moscow, is hard to get lost.
We were married 11 years ago, right after graduation.
Parents were not that for, but did not contradict.
Katyusha took second place in our city beauty contest and many older men who already took place stared at her: high (175 cm), light brown hair, slim, with a beautiful upturned second size chest and legs that called, from the ears.
I have never been handsome, but I studied well, was gentle, caring and had very wealthy parents.
In short, we had love, and she chose me.
Immediately after the wedding, my parents gave me a three-room apartment, where we lived.
Having graduated from universities, we made a good career for ourselves: I became the deputy director of a large law firm, and my wife was the second person in one of the committees of our administration.
Katyusha is 29 years old, I am 30 (by the way, my name is Dmitry, and our last name is Ignatov). Spy cam at nude beach.

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