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We got married two years ago, met two years, now I am 30, she is 25, not handsome, not freaks ordinary people.
At first, everything was as always the sea, the sun, wine, marital sex in all sorts of places.
Then, at one of the boarding parties, I met a woman of about 35, or rather, she first met my wife and then drank, danced, and the women danced, and then I noticed that my new acquaintance, Olga, constantly squeezed my wife in dance and hugs her somehow very gently, several times I saw how she strokes Ksyusha’s (my wife’s) ass, covered with light translucent trousers (you know such fashionable ones on your hips).
In short, I began to get excited (not expecting anything of myself from myself), then an invitation to Olga’s room followed, we stayed there.
Half a midnight went to swim, my wife refused to go to her room, although there was no panty on her, in general, she was swimming naked.
And the women almost away from me and talked to each other.
And then I realized Olga “twists” Ksenia for sex !. Showing nude webcam.

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