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And we write, and cocoa.
A cold napkin touched my scrotum, making me shiver.
“Can you sit with him tomorrow morning?” – asked Jenny my young nanny.
“I can’t in the morning,” Sue smiled apologetically, “I have things to do before lunch.”
“I, too,” Jenny sighed. “Well, nothing, I have already agreed with one friend who works in a manger.
I’ll take Tommy there tomorrow.
– Eight? – laughed Sue, – In the manger? “I can imagine how it will look with the babies there,” Vicky giggled.
– Why? – Jenny grinned, – I explained the problem to the head of Tommin and she assured me that age does not matter at all.
Babysitters will change his diapers – just like the rest of the babies.
I looked at my aunt in amazement. Sex video in hidden camera.

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