Sex private room.

Sex private room.
But this is not a joke at all.
And you are my only hope.
As you understand, I am no longer very young, although I am going to live for a long time.
But I need a loyal student.
An honest clean guy with a gift like mine.
– But why this gift has not yet manifested.
After all, I am already 25 years old and I lived, or rather existed, like the last person on earth.
– Well, not the last.
I made inquiries about you – you lived normally in your Priazovsk.
He was wrong, rushed, by the way, they say, he wrote well.
And you, without knowing it, hid your real talent deep in your subconscious.
And if it were not for me, maybe you lived as before.
I open to you absolutely unprecedented heights.
To control the world, you certainly will not.
But the people you and I need, please.
– And the dolls, your dolls ?! – Oh, you woke up interest in life.
With our girls right now.
You, however, have seen two, they are specially created for the office.
Later you will meet the others.
So which one did you like better, Irina or Oksana? Sex private room.

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