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Gryunt all this time fucking Liara pulled out his dick and a whole ocean of Gryunt sperm poured onto Liara.
Gryunt dressed and left the bedroom, and Liara fell asleep.
Epilogue (15: 58): – Shepard, why did they all fall asleep? – asked Zaid.
– It’s all because of these pills, in the morning they wake up and don’t remember anything.
All the guys got dressed and went to the nearest club to celebrate the party.
The end?
Anna divorced her husband when her son was 6 years old.
Since then, she had no men.
She has only her son, Andrew, an 18 year old short boy.
Anna is a beautiful woman of 38 years old with a pleasant appearance, not inclined to be overweight.
Nevertheless, she had no desire to start a new relationship.
She missed Andrew.
She could rely on him any minute.

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He was her hope and support.
And Anna was happy.
They have a house outside the city, a bathhouse and an orchard.
The house is located in a holiday village far from the city.
Andrei had a craving for his mother.
He recalled her mother’s moans behind the wall at night, but then he could not guess exactly what it was.
He began to understand this already at the age of 12, when he first saw porn.
He wanted the same, but he was not with anyone.
And at about the same time, he began to spy on her for the first time.
And he managed to go unnoticed.
Here came June, Andrew finished a quarter in school, and was glad that the long-awaited vacation came.
Coming from school, Andrei changed his clothes, and went for a walk with his friends.
Returned in the late afternoon.
Anna has already come from work.
– Hi, how did the quarter finish?

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Anna asked.
– All is well, without the “threes”.
– Well done, let’s take off your clothes and sit down to dinner, I prepared macaroni with meatballs.
Andrei changed his clothes and sat down at the table with Anna.
They watched TV and chatted on various topics.
Seeing in front of him an adult woman dressed in a light robe, Andrei involuntarily got excited, but did not give a sign.
Quickly having finished his portion, Andrei went to the toilet, where he needed to “discharge”. Coming out of the toilet, Andrei went to his room, and sat down at the computer.
He wanted to be alone, he wanted to read stories on the topic “” about which he had already heard a lot.
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