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Anyway, in a similar state, he would hardly appreciate my efforts.
Victor woke up, drank a glass of vodka, rose to his feet and began to walk through the rooms of my apartment, like a wild beast, driven into a cage.
– What happened to you, Victor? – I asked him for the umpteenth time, but didn’t even get a look.
Finally, Victor stopped and looked at me with such anger that a chill ran down my back.
“It’s all your fault!” – He said and tried to hit me.
But I did not allow, grabbed my hand and threw Victor on the bed.
– Enough, Victor.
I love you, but I won’t let myself be beaten anymore! – I said.
Victor suddenly burst into tears.
I ran for water, realizing that my friend had a real tantrum.
He pushed my hand away, the water splashed out onto the floor, and Victor abruptly got out of bed.
– Goodbye! I’m leaving, I’m tired of you, asshole! – he said in such a calm and quiet tone that I immediately did not realize the seriousness of his statement.
Victor stepped into the hallway without even looking at me.
– Victor, what are you? – I rushed after him, tried to hug.
– Fuck off! – Victor pushed me and began to open the door lock.
I did not allow, I hung on him, trying to stop him, to hold him.
– Forgive, forgive me, I beg! – it was my turn to cry.
– You want, well, you want, beat, just do not leave, please! Victor pushed me away and, unable to cope with the lock, he sat on the floor in the hallway.
– Do you have a smoke? – He asked me in a colorless voice and rubbed his face

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with his hands, – I want to smoke something.

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– I threw it, but you don’t like it: – I began, it was, but stopped off when he saw his glance, it was the look of a hunted, almost destroyed animal.
“What happened to you, Victor?” – I was ready to go into hysterics from the pity for him that had torn my soul, and the fear that he would leave now.
I knelt beside him, looking into his huge, full of melancholy and bitter eyes.
– Christina, she threw me, you know! – Victor tried to stand up, but could not and fell to his side.
– She thought that I had a mistress, mistress: there you are, a: You freak: you are my mistress, and she rushed to talk to you, as with my best friend, on the subject of my new love.
My new love, with you, with a fagot.
This is all because of you.
I was sitting on my knees next to Victor and did not know what to say, but in the meantime Victor was trying to get to his feet, but could not, leaving his attempts, he finally put up with his position and stayed on the floor.
Later, I helped him go to bed, but he did not let him lie down next to him, and in the morning he left.
With grief I got drunk all morning, I couldn’t go to work, having said sick, somehow I took time off for two days.
Victor appeared in the evening, he came and severely beat me, but I did not dare to resist, I lay on the floor and demolished his beating, I was hurt and offended, but I endured, only to alleviate his suffering.
And then, Victor took me by force, and again there was pain.
He fought me and said that I was a fag and a beast and I would answer for everything.
I just whined and agreed that I was an asshole, that I was a fagot, and that I repented of my unworthy behavior.
Then, after Victor took the soul away, he pitied me, stroking my head, and for that I forgave him everything.
Later we sat together in the kitchen, drank vodka and talked in the midst of souls.
– You know, Andre, you are the only person in the world to whom I feel something, you should not be offended at me, because I sometimes pizhu you, my character is this: I did not say anything, I took his hand and kissed, showing that I was ready for anything with him, let him kill me if he wanted, if only he was there and did not go anywhere. Sex and the city movie 2020 watch online.

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