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And now there was no

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question where we were going, with our neighbor hugging a frankly half-naked girl.
Of course, we went straight home.
Meanwhile, a neighbor started a conversation with my wife.
Did you have enough money for all the purchases? Fayechka told him that he would not worry – she had found such mutual understanding in the store, that the sellers in the store would now quite calmly give up the bag with the clothes in which she had visited them in the store a couple of hours ago.
They discussed it among themselves so naturally and naturally, as if it was said that my wife had gone to a vegetable shop to buy there potatoes-onions-apples.
Phrases like words like phalluses, vaginal balls and vaginal lubrication, erotic holes in pantyhose, transparent blouses fell down on me as a detached listener.
It turns out that my neighbor gives money to my wife, so that she would run to the erotica shop and spend it there ?! And we really moved to such a store.
The shop was a secluded place.
The store manager immediately led the three of us into a separate room.
There were very large exhibits in the room – there were rears, some blocks with ropes, exhibits that could be called erotic cycle trainers with nozzles made of latex dicks and several eb machines.
On one of the eb-machines was my clothes Fanzy and oh my God! No, this can not be right above the clothes there was a huge photo frame in which frank giant photos of my wife were changing with a frequency of 3 seconds.
There were a lot of pictures.
Not being shy, the manager turns to the neighbor that, they say, they did everything as he asked – the husband of this beautiful lady.
Flickering photos confirmed this, as my wife enters the room of this salon accompanied by the same two managers, dressed as usual in a fucking outfit, but, in any case, not in a prostitute dress, in which she later left this shop .

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The managers explained to my neighbor that, they say, you, as a husband, now decide whether we are leaving this photo session as a commercial for their salon or he, as a husband, forbids it.
And excuse me, please, that your spouse is only now finding out that there was a covert photography.
Well, what are you, what would the boys – worry.
Let my husband and my family friend watch the whole photo session, how we chose goods here.
At the same time, frankly, she hurtly kissed me.
Let her husband – at this moment very passionately she kisses our neighbor, see exactly how I spend his money.
The guys immediately relaxed, although for propriety they still should wait for a reaction from us.
Through kisses, my neighbor was able to nod his head in the affirmative.
Then he added: I’m so glad that my family friend will see how his wife likes to go shopping.
Well, I added: it is interesting, it is interesting how it happens in your family, I also want to see it and also defiantly leaned on the unfolded skirt on the eb-machine.
And then he felt that my hand was stuck in something sticky.
This was immediately noticed by one of the managers and immediately offered a wet napkin.
The fact is that as soon as your beautiful Fayechka left us ,.
then we have already managed to test a photo frame with photos of this gentleman’s wife, with a gesture to a neighbor, for several visitors who here chose shells according to BDSM.
Then Faye and our neighbor’s eyes widened: did you already show this working photo frame to third parties? In the meantime, on the photo frame, frames began to appear, in which Faya had already taken off almost everything and it was visible, as one of the managers counted the holes on the painted little belt.
And then came the photo, as another manager puts a belt on Fakechka’s naked body, which is right now on her body.
As if we were chained, we were looking at pictures running from the photo frame with my wife completely naked.
And in the meantime, the manager asked us not to be shy?!?!?! Since approximately with this frame, visitors looking at the photo frame, they already get their erectified members, so that they would already be jerking off to choose goods.
And on the photo frame on the following photos, one after another, one or other types of phalos began to stick into the Faechka.
And it was clear from the pics that Fai was asked to see how pleasant the vibration was – if the vibrator is equipped with batteries. Sex and the city 4 online.

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