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The girl with trembling fingers undid the robe, took it off and put it on the kitchen table, then lowered her white panties to her knees and got down first on her knees, and then on all fours, as I asked.
I saw her white round butt and dark knoll between my legs.
My heart was beating with a frantic rhythm, the first time I saw my niece naked.
“Great, Julia, well done! Raise your ass a little bit higher!”, I said.
Then I hung an Esmarkh mug on a hook, which was about 1 m above the floor, on which the girl stood, with her left hand spreading Yulechka’s buttocks, and with her right hand gently inserting the enema tip into her anal opening.

After that, I opened the tap and the water began to rapidly enter the intestines of the girl.
“Oh, uncle, it hurts me, it hurts my stomach!”, The niece of Eastonalo is already somewhere in half a minute.
“Be patient, Julie, and breathe deeply through your mouth!”, I ordered her, then noticed that the girl’s bra was still not open, so I opened it and white, round booties of Julia jumped out.

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“Uncle, why did you do this?”, Yulia whimpered, “do you miss my bare ass and crotch, do you need to see your chest too?” “Isn’t water enough to burst you? Do you want a bra stubby?”, I drove back, “and finally, finally embarrass your native uncle!”.
Her niece didn’t answer anything, she just continued to breathe heavily through her mouth.
I looked at the Esmarkh mug and saw that half the water had already flowed out of it.
“Okay, Julia!”, I said, and turned off the tap on the hose, “that’s enough for you now, sit down on the bucket and vyserat, and I’ll fill in the second half of the enema, then!”.
The girl jumped up like a bullet, pulled the tip out of her ass and crashed into the bucket next to her.
There was a loud bang and the contents of Julia’s intestines burst out noisily.
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