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I will hug you: I will press: – standing from behind, Sanya thought, – I love you !! love !!! And – from the tenderness of hot heart jumped in my chest: I love you, my boy! What’s wrong with that? – and: he was afraid to move, so that Valery would not be frightened off, – even if he did not look back: What would I say to the kid if he sees my mind? After all, she will understand for sure that I, too: also a feeder: what I want him: – the hand slid down hurriedly, and, through the pants squeezing the stand, Sanya stopped: no, darling! I want you not as Ubyudov: I am not a fagot, I am a loving pederast: you are completely different, and I am ashamed to admit: now I’ll go up and what next ?.
I will turn you to myself: I will hug you, my boy: my gray-eyed: – Sanya looked at Valerka from behind: and he was ready to avert his eyes so that he would not face the kid, because: because: gray-eyed – he was different: he would not understand these feelings: he is not gay: not blue, and – decides in an instant that I want the same: no! Sanya was tormented by doubts, and he was not happy that the grandfather, that the sergeant and the castle platoon, all this only interfered with: Sanya smiled: here he is: we are together: and you are standing and afraid to move: what are you, Sanya, grandfather? Secret camera sex tape.

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