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Yes, I had to slightly ponanirovi, as the tension of the “trunk” subsided, while the woman “chased” Vanya for the London.
Crouched in bed and hugging the lady from behind, Ivan stroked her breasts in a circular motion.
They seemed to him more magnificent than some time ago.
And the vagina – on the contrary, as if it became already.
Inserting, Vanya put his hands on the waist of the woman (“what a fat one, where did she come from?” He thought) and began to fuck her.
She moaned sweetly all the time while the man pulled her down like they were putting a tight glove on her arm.
Ivan interrupted, because he felt that further a member will not let him down and will not weaken.
It was even pleasant to lie without moving and to feel that he owned a lady from the inside.

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She fidgeted on his penis, trying to resume his movement.
Vanya was not against: – Do you really want? Now.
Just why is my girlfriend become such pyscheka, and her hole has become narrow? Say the name though.
Suddenly, from somewhere on the side of the table, a voice rang out: – Vera.
Her name is Vera.
– Aaaa! Who the hell is this ?! – This is Tanya.
You do not worry.
She also wanted.
Better meet a girl.
– Very nice.
Well, Verunchik, let’s go further.
He “ride” on the new “horse” to the fullest pleasure.
The “Konyashka” itself finished two times during this time.
– Thank you, Vera.
Did you like it? – Yes.
– Good.
But sleep is really better in different beds.
Good night.
Yes, Tanya, and where will you sleep? – With faith.
– Are you lesbians or something? Well, not my business.

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Good night.
– Good night.
As it seemed to Ivan, he did not sleep long.
He woke up because his member stood again.
But the most important thing is that someone sucked him.
Ivan took a closer look.
The winter nights are dark and long, but he managed to see that the girl is thin, and, judging by the sensations, with a big mouth.
Obviously not Tanya and not Faith.
Ivan did not pretend to be asleep: – How tasty! What is our name? The girl just screamed, but the member is not released.
A duet answered for her: – Her name is Nadia.
– Oooo! Is it you, or what, Tanya and Vera? – Yes, we are.
– Very nice, Tanya and Vera.
Very nice, Nadia.
My name is Vanya.
Well, go on, Nadya! – She loves when she cunnilingus.
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