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At some point, I felt his hands.
It is him, they work wonders.
He began to caress me.
He did this.
I felt my sexuality.
My hips took his caresses.
It turned out I was easily excited.
His fingers caressed the clitoris, I did not hold back my feelings.
Cuddle up to him with his whole body.
I wanted him, but he was in no hurry.
He started me up like that.
My nipples literally burned in his lips, my buttocks were not at all mine, they were in his hands, his fingers caressed me, I wanted so much.
Grabbing his hand, I myself put his finger in my vagina.
And she experienced pleasure, it was pleasure, not an orgasm.
I felt I needed more.
But his finger was doing something, I literally twisted on it.
I lost the sense of time.
But I need his dick !!! He does not let me go with a finger, I him.
I see his cock touching.
He is beautiful.
I want him.
And then something happened to me.
I knelt before him and began to kiss his dick.
He is beautiful, I feel delicate skin, smooth head.
I feel that he is pleased.
I do it and surprise myself.
He raised me from my knees, turned my back.
And he entered into me.
He had me passionately and strongly.

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His hands did not give any opportunity to do something herself.
Yes, I did not need it.
I had an experienced man.
It was necessary for me.
I liked his dexterity and skill.
I was good.
I experienced pleasure over and over again.
The time was up.
And I stood with my back turned to him, and only his hands did not let me fall.
I liked having me.
That they have, not make love.
I do not need persuasion and stories about love.
Once again I felt strong tremors within me and lust, the feeling of a man who was finally drunk, quenched his thirst.
Again, I felt the day was not wasted.
I am a woman.
He came out of the bathroom, I took a shower, I was well and calmly.
I don’t need anything else.
As they say, having received my share of sperm, I left.
He, of course, took me home.
But just drove.
At home everything was as

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Sex at home did not want to.
What for? I got my share.
The strangest thing is that I felt different now.
Not guilty, but satisfied.
Fulfill the duty – please.
You are still with your quirks.
Maybe they motivated me to communicate with others.
I don’t say thank you, but I didn’t want to tell you.
Anyway, this is not true, wrong.
Yes, a woman needs a discharge, and I am a woman.
So, what kind of remorse you can talk about, you can say thanks, but I don’t.
I caught myself thinking that I want to again.
But it took only a few days.
And here I go to visit.
Time to eat, why not drink tea.
Thoughts are not true.
Why do I need it.
There is a family, the husband probably will not approve.
I came to his house.
And I felt that I was just another for him.
And I don’t want to be another one.
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