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In place of arms and legs, too, were the dicks, in the place of the mouth was pussy, but dick they beat the same as now.
We are responsible for this gang, Yuri was a big hairy egg.
They lived peacefully and did not disturb anyone.
It is true sometimes, when they hunted sweaty dinosaurs, they ran across a red hat that went to her grandmother and carried every shit to her.
The fighters were sprinkling everything with their entire squad.
But once a big hairy egg caught a mammoth, he brought it home and chopped off his arms and legs with a kitchen hatchet and fucked him.
After some time, the mammoth crap and died.
When the pidormots were huddled in his gavn, they found a rotten egg, they laid an egg under the hedgehog that possessed the life-giving power of its gavn, and a small lupine hatched out of the rotten egg.

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By the search of the tribe of Novorovzhdeny, they bathed in the shrine, and the port was fucked by all the tribes.
The boy was called an asshole, but then he said that he wanted to be called an asshole maxim.
As time went on, the boy developed, went on a hunt, fucked a red cap, tormented his carrot on the bank of the shitty river.
But soon residents began to notice that the boy began to change gradually, his body began to turn into a piece of shit and rotten.
Residents began to avoid it and pedrit.
One day he got angry and put a stick in the chief’s dick, and sprinkled his poisonous sperm on his house.
For this he was driven out of an urban-type settlement.
And the boy had to go to the jungle with many dangers.
He began to live in the garbage heap belonging to a small settlement of fucked nigiri.

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Asshole maxim turned into a stubborn slush.
At night he made his way into the settlement of the queens and stole from there the local residents of goats and rams.
Then he began to set conditions that if the residents of the settlement would not pay him a tribute, he would destroy this shitty village.
These pedaks were all frightened and crap and ran to the prophet of the oldest resident of the village her name was Irka.
This piece of bacon constantly drove all garbage she developed senile insanity, and in the place of the brain was shit.
But these stupid assholes always believed her.
She advised them to hire to the service of the great and terrible freedom fighter of all the omissions Ilya of Murom.
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