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And there is taiga.
You understand.
He poured us glasses of his wife, and he drank directly from the bottle, emptying a good half.
Masha tried to give up the portion she poured, but wherever.
The peasant had such pressure, such a force of conviction and confidence that it was useless to argue.
The peasant noticeably became kinder, and looking at my girl, he shook his head. Oh, and good.
She really was pretty – a miniature figure, small breasts, which is quite consistent with its size.
But the most important advantage is modesty and meekness.
It was getting dark outside, and the man, having finished the remains from the

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bottle, rose in front of his wife passing to the stove and grabbed her ass, while I noted that his lapishes completely covered both halves.
Oh, and good! – he stated.
I shrugged my shoulders, as if speaking to Mashutka – What to take from a man.
So he is.
Another hour passed, another bottle of vodka almost disappeared in his throat.
The man was noticeably drunk and more and more often stared at the figure of my beloved.
And then he took it and put it on his knee.
She timidly tried to get up, but he kept her, saying – Do not be afraid, do not hurt.
Give me a little time next to a living woman.
– She looked at me, I again shrugged.
The man grew bolder, without meeting resistance, put a hand on her thigh.
After I began to stroke my wife’s slender leg below the robe, gradually lifting it up and rising higher.
Some very strange excitement awoke in me.
Masha widened her eyes to look at me, but I felt numb.
The man, unbuttoning his robe, moved onto her tummy and bare breasts.

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Masha began to break out, looking at me and perplexed by my inaction, and my heart pounded from wild excitement.
And so, the peasant got up, grabbed Masha in an armful and dragged her into the room.
She, trying to escape, told him – What are you doing, put me down immediately.
Oleg! Tell him! – I stupidly and silently followed them.
In the room, he put it on the sofa and with a slight jerk tore off her robe, not paying any attention to me at all.
Oleg, he is crazy !!! Olezhka.
but!!! Help me!!! But I couldn’t wait for any help, I stood and stupidly stared at the robe falling at my feet, tearing at the hands of the pliable cotton of simple panties, on her writhing body with a breast waving in a fight, so tender and so innocent.
Not! Do not! Olezhenka! You are welcome! Do not! – Masha began to cry, continuing the useless struggle.
Never before have I experienced such arousal.
It bewitched me and nailed me to the place.
I tried not to look into the eyes of my little wife.
She completely naked waddled in the clutches of the peasant and vainly called me to help.
I lowered my eyes and saw at his feet the tattered clothes of his wife, a rag in which the remains of her panties were guessed, picked them up.
The guest, meanwhile, pulled off his pants, knelt in front of the sofa and pushing her legs almost effortlessly, pulled Masha over.
Nooo! You are welcome! Do not! She sobbed.
The guest groaned silently.
He did not care who and what was around.
He wanted only one thing – to plant his Elda in the pink bowels of a woman, the rest for him simply did not exist.
The fight tired Masha and her resistance gradually drove away.
I came closer and I was presented with a picturesque picture – the spread legs of my girl opened the view on her pussy with blond hair.
And in the direction of her moved in readiness member of the man, from the end of which flowed a drop of discharge.
Masha looked at me with tear-stained eyes in silence and with incomprehension.
The man’s cock was of a strange shape — not very thick, but long, ending in a spherical, disproportionately huge head, which had already touched my wife’s neat little hole and tried to dive into it, pulling the pink shutters behind her.
Not understanding what I was doing, I rushed to the table and brought some Mashkin cream, quickly opening it, began to spread Mashutkin’s crotch. Online sex hd movies.

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