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I caught my breath.
For a second, it seemed to me that in front of me was not a familiar silhouette of a plump girl of high stature, but a sharp figure with delicate shoulders and a fragile waist.
I blinked, and the obsession disappeared.
Penetrating through loosely covered curtains, the sun’s rays created a bizarre play of light and shadow in the room, making everything strange and fantastic.
Finally, Olya turned to me and said: – I am ready.

Where are we going today? We went for a walk.
Walking along a shady alley in the very center of the city, we entered a small cafe, where we drank a cup of coffee with ice-cream, and then went to a large shopping center.
It was clear from Oli’s face that she was enjoying what was happening, but for me this walk turned into a real torment.
Every now and again I saw before me a familiar neat figure, which displaced the large body of my girlfriend in my mind, and the piercing blue of the summer sky seemed to me to be the depth of her gray eyes.
I was silent and sadly trudged around Olya shopping, but she seemed not to notice my depressed mood.

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Finally, having made several small purchases, Olya was satisfied and told me that she was tired.
I was pleased with this, because in my mind a grave struggle had long been going on.
I was torn apart by the memory of yesterday’s minutes, which gave me such a keen unforgettable pleasure, and affection for my girlfriend.
Even her name now gave birth to my association with that Olya, an adult and experienced woman who had degraded to a naive guy, almost a teenager.
However, I pulled myself together and took Olya home.
As usual, I went with her to talk for another fifteen minutes and wish her a good evening.
We sat on the bed and talked about some meaningless things.
My mind was far away, and this became noticeable to Ole.
– Is it bad for you, Sash?
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