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Without releasing them from my hands, I raised one breast and kissed the nipple, did the same with the second breast, only during the kiss I still played with the tongue around the nipple.
Christina pressed me to her chest and breathed heavily.
– You are good at it, let’s move on to the next lesson.
On the female body, in addition to the breast, there are still many erogenous zones.
In time, you will know them and be able to use them.
I want to show you some basic ones.
She completely undressed.
And spun in a circle, showing me my body.
She asked me to sit in a chair, and she sat down on the table, spread her legs wide.
I looked at her crotch as if I had never seen.
Her fingers slid from the breasts down to the crotch.
She opened swollen lips and showed me the clitoris.
Looking between her legs, I was ready to drop the tongue into these poured lips and spin in all the folds.
But it was necessary to endure.
The deal is more valuable then money.
– This is the clitoris, if you caress him, then you can bring a woman to orgasm.
– she looked to herself between the legs pulling the clit with her finger. Masters of sex stream online free.

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