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Then he took to the bathroom.
He laid her on the couch, he himself lay down on a hard bachelor bed.
He dozed off, and suddenly, with his eyes ajar, he shivered – in front of him stood a girl completely different from a hunted forest animal, a girl.
The hair-dried blond hair flowed freely down, gently flowing around the mounds of tight breasts, and the smooth waistline emphasized the perfection of steep hips.
Korobov pulled her by the elbow, she nodded gratefully, sank down beside her, pressed against him, her soft lips, leaving a warm imprint on her chest, slid lower, and he finally lost the sense of time, and came to himself only at that moment when on the nightstand Called the phone rang.
For the full program The woman on the other end had a pleasant voice.
Inquiring whether he was Korobov, who arranged fabulous fireworks at the festivities, she said that there was work.
The woman turned out to be a brunette of about thirty-five with a pleasant and carefully groomed face, on which dark, slightly slanting eyes stood out.
Having accepted it, she put in front of Korobov a handout.
“We are organizing private holidays,” she explained.

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– The customer asked to arrange a festive celebration – it will be, so to speak, the culmination of the party.
– I understand, – Korobov nodded.
– Chinese turntables, crackers, a sparkling inscription on the gable, and so on.
– That’s exactly what – and so on – the owner of the company rubbed her

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temple thoughtfully with a pillow of a carefully otmanikurerenny finger.
– You see, our customers insist that the babahnulu seriously.
This festive fireworks.
“This is possible,” Korobov shrugged.
“But I need time to prepare.”
And it would be nice to get acquainted with the site.
“No problem,” the woman smiled.
“This is the suburban base of our company,” she called the name of the dacha settlement, and Korobov mechanically noted to himself that his dacha was on the same road, only thirty kilometers further.
– If possible, go there to explore right now.
The base occupied an area of ??good hectare, enclosed by a concrete fence.
A solid house with turrets, saunas, a court, a swimming pool, a gym, several cozy corners for barbeque gatherings scattered around the site – in short, everything you need for complete mental relaxation.
And even – a small scene on the edge of the meadow, covered with a “shell” roof.
Korobov spent the whole day there calculating where and how to deploy his “artillery”.
The thought-out device of the estate gave room for imagination.
“I cannot promise the May Day salute,” he remarked to the owner of the company who accompanied him on the trip.
“But we’ll make a miniature copy.”
“This is exactly what is needed,” she smiled, glancing round her tightly knit figure.
– Maybe an aperitif? Masters of sex season 4 episode 8 watch online.

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