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She opened her eyes and saw her brother.
Standing in front of her with a big standing member.
“Suck him,” he said, grabbing her hair and pulling her head down to his cock.
– No, I do not want, not here, not now.
What if mom comes up here now? Fran tried to pull the hair out of his hands.
– If you are afraid that we will be caught, then you should hurry, and do everything so that I finish quickly.
Speaking, Jim continued to push her head to his cock, he sent his penis from which already began to ooze lubricant to her lips.
“Open your mouth and suck it, bitch, or I’ll stick your head in the toilet and keep it there until you drown, and then tell your mother that you committed suicide.”
Fran moaned and opened her lips.
Jim pushed his cock into her mouth and pressed her head so that he penetrated her throat, Fran with difficulty suppressed the urge to vomit.
Jim pulled out his dick and immediately pushed him back until his sister almost vomited again.
After ten or so movements, the muscles of her throat relaxed, and his large hard member effortlessly entered her mouth completely.
Fran ran down her cheeks from humiliation and shame, but her pussy begged for attention.
Fran felt her pussy getting wet and her juices running down her thigh.
She lowered her right hand down and rubbed the clitoris, which was already large and very sensitive.
The shame and humiliation felt her excited and her hand moved faster and faster until finally her orgasm shook her.

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Jim grabbed her hair and lifted her head up.
Fran just regained consciousness after orgasm, opening her eyes, she was blinded by a flash.
She tried

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to move away from the hard member in her mouth, but her brother again directed her head to the member, he watched her lips stretch as his member entered her mouth.
Jim leaned over her and began to fuck her mouth increasing the pace.
Fran felt his cock in her throat, she rubbed her clit.
Fran finished at the same time with his brother his hard cock pulsed in her throat, splashing sperm into her, and at that moment she finished, only a member in her mouth did not let her scream with pleasure.
Jim pulled his limp cock from her mouth, put on his underpants and headed for the exit.
“Hurry up, Fran, if you don’t want to be late for school,” he said, leaving the bathroom and closing the door behind him.
As the door closed behind him, Fran collapsed across the bath and began to sob.
Jim took the camera with him from the shelf, where he hid her and began to watch photos of his naked sister, sucking his dick while he was walking down the stairs.
When he went to the kitchen, he put the camera in his shirt pocket. “Good morning, mom,” he said cheerfully. “Good morning, dear, where is your sister,” Jim replied, smiling. “For some reason she decided to take a shower this morning. Jim shrugged. and poured himself milk in a bowl of cereal.
She walked to the door – FRAN HURRANTING AND RELAXING.
She shouted, and went up to the table, sat down beside her son.
Jim looked at his mother with interest.
He liked to look at her still elastic ass and her long legs, dressed in a short skirt.
He could only see the bra lace under her white blouse.
Several times he spied on her in the room when she was changing clothes, and saw her completely naked.
Jim knew that her breasts stood firm even without the support of her bra.
– Mom, why don’t I take her to school, then you can take the time.
Jim saw his mother’s sexy red lips relax and smiled.
– Thank you, dear, that you sometimes help me.
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