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This goes on for many years.
we are married, but the memory of what we experienced in our youth remains with us.
Gansik and Gertrude are a local idiot and lame man, two outcasts: not a single guy, not even the latest goner, wanted to sleep with her; the worst horror stories ran away from him.
Hopelessness is utter and hopeless.
“Life will take its own.”
Where does it say? By whom?.
But wisdom is true.
Our heroes did not have immunity to this statement.
Yes, and could not have it.
By definition.
Nature demanded what should be demanded.
One day while walking around the village, Gertrude found a strange tree in the forest.
It was not unusual itself – it was an amazing mote sticking out of exposed roots.
Absolutely smooth.
and warm.
Like Live.
Not in the sense that from a living tree, namely Live.
Like a human scion.
Find Gertrude struck.
For a long time she touched the bitch, stroked him, examined him from all sides, trying to unravel his secret.
The warm, brilliant process attracted to

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him, as if he possessed a mysterious, magical power.
As if speaking to her – gently and gently.
“Loving,” thought the girl.
Yes, that’s right! LOVE! Requests love !! “.
Her visits to the clearing with the Strange Tree became regular: her free time was barely given up, Gertrude fled into the forest.
There, near the bitch, she was warm and calm.
In no place on earth was she as good as here.
She always left here with regret.
Not far from the glade on which the Strange Tree grew, a small river flowed.
Gertrude bathed in her often, washing away day dust.

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The water refreshed not only her body – she treated the Soul of the girl.
Once after the washing, Hertha did not put on her clothes and went to the clearing naked – nobody saw her anyway.
She walked and reveled in a sense of freedom.
She liked to feel relaxed, not constrained! No one poked a finger at her, calling her a freak; not forced to do the dirty work; I did not shout in the face offensive words.
She almost flew above the ground, barely touching the blades of grass with her feet.
The curls of her hair with gentle fingers went through the June wind.
Even from a distance, Hertha understood that today the Twig was glad for her in a special way: he seemed to stretch, flew up, trying to break away from the trunk – so rejoiced at her appearance.
She felt it right away.
“Do you love me?” – frightened by her own guess, asked Hertha, eagerly peering at the ringing Sprout, fearing not to get confirmation of her question.
But the Mouth still sang harder in her inaudible voice.
So much so that from these sounds Hertha sank sweetly to the lower abdomen.
She did not experience this with herself before the village.
Awesome feeling! Unearthly !.
They became close so naturally that she didn’t even have a glimpse of the shameful thought – “How can you copulate with a tree!!”.
A week later she was tracked down.
Fortunately for the girl, Hans turned out to be a “tracker” – otherwise the consequences could have been much worse.
Hans also secretly ran into the forest – there, hiding among the foliage, he could calmly lower his pants and pull at the tip for a long time, watching him gradually increase in size, swell and become a strong red column.
Then the guy began to present sweet pictures: “A beautiful girl runs along the meadow.
she opened her arms.
and outstretched arms are intended for him.
here she embraces him by the neck, kisses him firmly and passionately.
THEY fall into the grass and HE begins to pull off her clothes.
she laughs, never ceasing to kiss and speak to HIM amazingly tender words.
so she spreads her beautiful white legs and he enters her bosom !!! ”
As a rule, on this vision, Hans had finished – it was so real and fascinatingly beautiful.
On one of his trips to the forest, at that moment, when he had already begun to bring wonderful visions in his head, a rustle was heard nearby. Livejasmin hack free.

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